[Event] Miroir Fishing FestivalEvent

2022-05-26 11:00

Event Period

Period: After May 26, 2022 Maintenance ~ Before June 9, 2022 Maintenance (2 Weeks)

Event Location

As an event zone, 'Miroir Tundra' region becomes a Peace Zone.
During the event period, 'Miroir Tundra Worldgate' is placed at Austera Haranya Alliance Faction Base, Marianople Nuia Alliance Faction Base, and Diamond Shores to quickly reach event area.


Quest Details Image Rewards
A Famous Fishing Hole
(Daily Quest)
  1. Accept 'A Famous Fishing Hole' quest from NPC 'Fisherman Hans'.
  2. For the Ice Fishing Rod material, deliver Lumber x3 to 'Fisherman Hans'.
  3. Report to 'Fisherman Hans' and obtain a 'Wrapped Ice Fishing Rod'.

※ 'Ice Fishing Rod' item is available for 10 minutes after it is unwrapped.
Ice Fishing Festival Chest x1
Wrapped Ice Fishing Rod x1
Festival Coin x1
Cold Hard Catch
(Repetitive Quest)
  1. Accept 'Cold Hard Catch' quest from NPC 'Fisherman Hans'.
  2. Equip 'Ice Fishing Rod', sit on a 'Frozen Chair', and collect 'Young Smelts' x10 by fishing.
  3. Report to 'Fisherman Hans'.
Festival Coin x1
Hungry Blizzard Cubs
(Daily Quest)
  1. Accept 'Hungry Blizzard Cubs' quest from NPC 'Fisherman Rohen'.
  2. Feed 'Hungry Blizzard Cub' 3 times with 'Seal Meat' obtained from 'Fisherman Rohen'.
Festival Coin x1
An Icy Obsession
(Daily Quest)
  1. Accept 'An Icy Obsession' quest from NPC 'Ice Fishing Festival Manager'.
  2. Deliver Raw Stone x100 to 'Ice Fishing Festival Manager'.
Festival Coin x5
Arctic Architecture
  1. Accept 'Arctic Architecture' quest from NPC 'Igloo Guide Lazia' who appears at 14:00, 19:00, 24:00.
  2. Complete building Igloo with visitors of the festival.
  3. Quest is automatically completed.
Festival Coin x3


  1. All daily quests will be reset every day at 24:00 UTC +8.
  2. All event NPCs and event quest items will disappear at June 9(Thu), 2022 maintenance.
  3. All event items cannot be recovered if destroyed.
  4. Furniture disappears if the building equipped with rewarded furniture is demolished.
  5. Miroir Tundra Festival Gift Exchanger disappears from the event zone but remains at Mirage Isle after the event period.
  6. Event quests are available for players over Lv10.