[Event] Watermelon Delivery to Quench the HeatEvent

2022-07-07 11:00

Event Schedule

Period: After July 7, 2022 Maintenance ~ Before August 4, 2022 Maintenance (4 Weeks)
How to Participate

  1. During the event period, NPC 'Brad' and 'Order Machine' appears at Austera Haranya Alliance Faction Base, Marianople Nuia Alliance Faction Base, and Diamond Shores.
  2. You can accept 'Please take care of Watermelon Delivery!' daily quest from NPC 'Brad'. (Available for Lv50+ players)
  3. 'Please take care of Watermelon Delivery!' is automatically completed when accepting the quest, and you obtain 'Order Receipt' x1.
  4. Obtain 'Watermelon Delivery Order' x1 by using 'Order Receipt' at 'Order Machine'.
    ※ 'Order Receipt' and 'Watermelon Delivery Order' lasts for 24hours after being obtained.
  5. By using 'Watermelon Delivery Order', you can accept 'Watermelon delivery to quench the heat' daily quest. (Available for Lv50+ players)
  6. You can obtain 'Honey Watermelon' by interacting with 'Honey Watermelon storage box' next to the NPC.
    ※ 'Honey Watermelon' disappears August 4(Thu), 2022 maintenance.
  7. Deliver the 'Honey Watermelon' pack to Community Center NPC at the destination to complete the quest and obtain 'Box of Watermelon to quench the heat' x1.
    ※ For Auroria, you must deliver the pack to General Merchant at the Community Center.
    Image Reward Name Components Details
    Box of Watermelon to quench the heat Manastorm Crystal x10
    Angel Wing Elixir x1
    Bound Hereafter Stone x3
    ※ Requires 100 Labor points to open the box.


Complete the achievement to get the rewards.
Achievement Requirements Image Reward Name
Farewell, summer heat! Participate in the event eagerly to acquire hidden achievements. Honorable Potion Crate: Rank 1 x1
Farewell, summer heat! Title: Ah, cold!
Icon: Watermelon bingsu


  1. Event quests are available for players over Lv50.
  2. Event daily quests will be reset every day at 24:00 UTC +8.
  3. 'Order Receipt', 'Watermelon Delivery Order' cannot be obtained again if destroyed.
  4. NPC 'Brad', 'Order Machine' and quest items will disappear at August 4(Thu), 2022 maintenance.
  5. The pack obtained for the event quest disappear if: the item is dropped / the quest is completed / the quest is passed / the character is dead.
  6. If lost, the pack obtained for the event quest can be obtained from where you previously obtained the pack.
  7. All event items cannot be recovered if destroyed.
  8. 'Box of Watermelon to quench the heat' will disappear at August 11(Thu), 2022 maintenance.