Patch Note July 7, 2022Update

2022-07-06 20:30

Hello, Heroes of Erenor! 
Please read the details of the patch notes on July 7, 2022 below.


  • Following contents will be opened in SpellDance server:
 -Garden of the Gods
 -Auroria Community Center
 -Erenor Sacred Place
 -Brilliant Erenor equipments
 -Exalted Hiram Guardian equipments
 -Eternal Rest equipments
 ▷All arenas and instances available in SpellDance server are now matched cross-server.
 ▷Players from other servers who moved through Garden of the Gods cannot use Auction House.

  • Multi-client is enabled. (Maximum of 2 clients are available in 1 PC.)
  • 'Watermelon Delivery to Quench the Heat' event will be started.

Cash Shop

Archelife 30 days can be purchased at half-price. (~07.21 until the maintenance)
- Archelife 30 days - Half price discount (1 per account)
※ This item can be purchased once per account, and cannot be refunded.
※ This item can be purchased from 'ArcheLife > Premium' menu in game.
('ArcheLife' icon at the bottom right of the screen)

Added the monthly ArcheLife exclusive product that can be purchased with XL Cash. (1 per account)
(~08.04 until the maintenance)
- Wrapped Daru’s Mission: Great Worker (28 days)
- ArchePass XP Boost Bundle
- Manastorm Crystal package
※ When using ArcheLife, Can be purchased from Cash Shop > Main > ArcheLife Exclusive
Added the Monthly Special Pack (July). (1 per account) (~08.04 until the maintenance)
- Daru's Pump-Up Bundle
- Equipment Growth Support Pack
- Manastorm Crystal (x100)
- Wrapped Lulu’s Mission: Nachash Token Crate (28 days) (not available in SpellDance server)
- Wrapped 28-Day Radiant Hiram Infusion
- Wrapped 28-Day Hiram and Radiant Hiram Awakening Scroll
- Wrapped 28-Day Brilliant Hiram Awakening Scroll
- Wrapped 28-Days Daru's Mission: ArchePass XP Scroll
※ The Monthly Special Product has a limit to its purchase count once a month, per account.
   The count resets at every first scheduled maintenance of each month.
※ Quest Scroll items are fixed-term items that allow you to get daily quests and get certain daily rewards.
   (Can proceed quest every day for 28 days).
※ You must reach the level requirement to use this item.

Added the product that can be purchased every day with XL Cash.
(1 per account available until 07.14 maintenance, and can be purchased every day after the maintenance)
※ (Bonus) Upon purchase, Garnet x20 is provided as a bonus for a week. (~07.14 until the maintenance)
- Wings of Immortality
- Wings of Terror
- Wings of Protection
- Wings of Revenge
※ Can be purchased from Cash Shop > Main > Special 

Added the event product that can be purchased for free in all servers. (~07.14 until the maintenance)
- Scroll: 7-Day Cogwheel Longboard (1 per account)
※ Can be purchased from Cash Shop > Main > Event

Added the product that can be purchased every day with Loyalty Token.
- Emote: Rally
※ Can be purchased from Cash Shop > Coin only > Loyalty Token

Garnet Shop is revamped and expanded to all servers.
※ Please refer to the notice on the webpage for details.

▣ For SpellDance server
Following items can now be purchased in SpellDance server.
- Splendid Weapon Type Conversion Scroll
- Splendid Armor Type Conversion Scroll
- Gold Cat Undergarments
- Red Cat Undergarments
- Leopard Undergarments
- Alabaster Lace

Bug Fixes

  • Revised the item name of 'Dahuta's Bubble' to be consistent.
  • Corrected a typo in the item tooltip of 'Full pouch of abundance'.
  • Revised the skill phrases of 'Hotspring Pond' item.
  • Revised the item tooltip of 'Hotspring Pond' item.