[Announcement] Issue regarding Calmlands Siege in SpellDance Server (edited 07.25)Notice

2022-07-21 11:00
Hello, this is ArcheAge.
There will be counteracts and follow-up for the issue regarding Calmlands siege in SpellDance server.
As a result of game log investigation, we have noticed the usage of illegal programs during the siege process, and have confirmed following counteracts for abnormal progress of contents.
Act 1. Completed permanent restriction on 5 accounts that have exploited the system or have relation to those accounts (edited 7.22)
  • 4 accounts that have exploited the system with illegal programs
       - 迷**香@Spelldance
       - 分**@Spelldance
       - 手**從前@Spelldance
       - 白**@Spelldance
  • 1 account related to the restricted accounts
       - 张**啊@Spelldance
Act 2. Reset Calmlands territory in SpellDance server
  • Calmlands territory is reset on July 22(Fri).
  • Territory buildings and incomes will be deleted.
  • Calmlands territory claim will be opened on August 17(Wed).
Act 3. Retrieving Brilliant Erenor equipments and related items crafted at Calmlands territory building after the siege
  • Total of 15 17 18 [Brilliant Erenor] equipment items are retrieved and restored to its original status. (edited 7.22)
※ Items will be retrieved and restored in its original status of 'Radiant' grade before awakening.
Item Name
Brilliant Erenor Bow
Brilliant Erenor Longspear
Brilliant Erenor Club
Brilliant Erenor Staff
Brilliant Erenor Fists
Brilliant Erenor Belt
Brilliant Erenor Lute
Brilliant Erenor Guards
Brilliant Erenor Scepter
Brilliant Erenor Rifle
Brilliant Erenor Breeches
Brilliant Erenor Sword
Brilliant Erenor Jerkin
Brilliant Erenor Cap
Brilliant Erenor Boots
Brilliant Erenor Nodachi
Brilliant Erenor Longspear

  • Total of 3 [Radiant Erenor Awakening Scroll] items are retrieved and consumed materials are restored.
Please take a note of that usage of illegal programs and system exploitation may result in restrictions according to the Operational Policy.
ArcheAge team will always do our best to provide you satisfactory playing environment.

Thank you.

Hello, this is ArcheAge.
Currently, we have noticed an issue regarding Calmlands Siege in SpellDance server on July 20th.

We are in progress of investigating the issue according to some reports about abnormal participations in Calmlands Siege by summoning clads below the landscapes.
If there is any progress in investigation, we will notify through this notice as soon as it is confirmed.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused.
Thank you.