[Event] Moo's Strange Dreamland (Part 1)Event

2022-07-28 11:00

Event Schedule

Period: After July 28, 2022 Maintenance ~ Before August 11, 2022 Maintenance (2 Weeks)

Basic Information

Defeat various monsters to obtain Contribution points and reach higher level. Report to 'Mo-oh’s Guardian Angel' to obtain rewards according to the level.
During the event period, Worldgate is placed at main cities to reach Weird Dreamland of Dairy Cow.

Classification Details
Type Instance > Dungeons
Entry Time 24-hour participation available everyday
Entry Conditions Using ArcheLife, In progress of 'Mo-oh’s dream world' quest
Entries Once a day (Resets at 00:00)
Required Level 55Lv or higher
Item Limits Entry unavailable if posessing 'Secret Dairy Cow Crate Rank 1~5'
Equipment Points Requirements None
Max Participants 50 characters per Dimension
Playtime Limits None


  1. Meet 'Mo-oh’s Guardian Angel' who appears at Austera, Marianople, and Growlgate Isle.
  2. Accept 'Mo-oh’s dream world' daily quest. (Must be 55Lv or higher, using ArcheLife, without Secret Dairy Cow Crate.)
  3. Move to Weird Dreamland of Dairy Cow through the Worldgate next to Mo-oh’s Guardian Angel.
  4. Select a Dimension and enter.
※ Entry is unavailable with Debuff such as Forcibly Awaiting Trial, in Trial, Imprisoned, Overburdened
※ Entry is unavailable if all Dimensions are full.

▼ Mo-oh’s Guardian Angel and the location of Worldgates in Austera Haranya Alliance Faction Base, Marianople Nuia Alliance Faction Base, and Diamond Shores


① Obtain Buff Effect
-Due to 'Dream Warden' effect, all skills including equipment skills and item skills cannot be used after entering Weird Dreamland of Dairy Cow.
-Don't forget to obtain 'Guardian Angel's Power' buff effect from '
Mo-oh’s Buff angel' located at the entrance.
-It will be extremely difficult to play without the buff effect.

 Check Exclusive Skills
-Only the following 6 exclusive skills can be used in Weird Dreamland of Dairy Cow.
Shortcut Key Icon Skill Name Details
1 Gale Rushing forward like a gust of wind and giving a stiffening effect to the enemies that have passed.
-Target: Enemies
-Damage type: Melee damage
-Cooldown: 3 seconds
2 Vacuum Pulls enemy targets within range.
-Target: Enemies
-Damage type: Magic damage
-Cooldown: 5 seconds
3 Shock Detonates enemies within range and deals melee damage.
-Target: Enemies
-Damage type: Melee damage
-Cooldown: 5 seconds
4 Strong Blow Inflicts powerful damage to enemies in range.
-Target: Enemies
-Damage type: Melee damage
-Cooldown: 5 seconds
5 Angle Spins quickly to attack nearby enemy targets.
-Target: Enemies
-Damage type: Melee damage
-Cooldown: 3 seconds
6 Regeneration Continually restores vitality
-Target: Self
-Cooldown: 10 seconds

③ Defeat Monsters and Obtain Contribution Points
-If you have confirmed the skills, defeat the nearby monsters (illusions in the dream) and obtain Contribution points.
-Contribution point, which is the point obtained upon defeating illusions in the dream in Weird Dreamland of Dairy Cow, differs according to the monster tier and the number of party members.
- Obtained Contribution points can be checked at top right of the screen.
Name Tier Ancestral Level Details
Daybreak Franken-Yata Boss 8 Party recommended
Daybreak Franken-Greenman Boss 8 Party recommended
Great Fisherman Dairy Cow Elite 7
Berserker Greenman Elite 7
Swordmaster Yata Elite 7
Big Dairy Cow Elite 7
Warrior Greenman Elite 7
20 other monsters including Walking Yata, etc. Normal 7

▼ Boss-Daybreak Franken-Greenman

▼ Contribution points according to monster tier
Monster Tier Contribution Points
Solo Party of 2 Party of 3 Party of 4 Party of 5
Normal 30 15 10 8 6
Elite 100 50 34 25 20
Boss 500 points for each party members

This is [Event] Moo's Strange Dreamland (Part 1).
For further details, please refer to [Event] Moo's Strange Dreamland (Part 2).