[Announcement] Notice of 'Destructive Grudge' Item Balance ModificationNotice

2022-08-04 11:00
Hello, this is ArcheAge.

We would like to notify you in advance regarding the balance modification of 'Destructive Grudge' item scheduled on August 11(Thu), 2022 maintenance.

The item grade of World Boss Equipment can be upgraded relatively easily with 'Destructive Grudge' obtained by converting Eternal grade 'Acid Spitfire', and the item balance will be modified regarding this phenomenon.

- Synthesis XP of 'Destructive Grudge' will be 56% decreased compared to before.
  ※ This modification will be applied to the items obtained by crafting after August 11(Thu), 2022 maintenance.

[Table of Synthesis XP Comparision]
Synthesis XP of 'Destructive Grudge'
Grade Before Modification After Modification
Basic 1,278 723
Grand 1,420 803
Rare 1,577 892
Arcane 1,753 992
Hero 1,947 1,101
Unique 2,164 1,224
Relic 2,404 1,360
Divine 7,276 4,116
Epic 17,687 10,006
Legendary 40,903 23,140
Mythic 97,844 55,353
Eternal 253,902 143,639

To minimize the confusion due to balance modification, additional measures are not planned regarding those who already hold the related items or who have consumed them for synthesis material before August 11(Thu) maintenance.

Also, since we assume that supply and crafting of related materials through 'Vyrava' raids have their limits, there will not be measures regarding newly created items before the balance modification.

Please understand that this grace period is to carefully consider and modify the overall balance including World Boss Equipments.

Again, we ask for your understanding regarding our actions to provide high-quality service in long term by this equipment balance modification.
ArcheAge team will always do our best to provide enjoyable playing environment.

Thank you.