[Announcement] Further Notice on Mistaken Restriction Related to Illegal ProgramsNotice

2022-09-06 15:00
Hello, this is ArcheAge.
We first wish to give a sincere apology to the heroes who couldn’t play for a long period of time due to mistaken restrictions. 
Next, we will inform you about the restrictions caused by the recent detection error of illegal programs.
For the situation in which the issue occurred, the accounts were restricted based on the internal hack detection log. During the additional verification process, the mistaken restrictions were confirmed to have taken place as an abnormal hack log was detected when a particular action is performed while the character is moving.
By reviewing the process carefully, it has been confirmed that it is in the range of a normal play, so the related information has been delivered towards relevant departments to identify and correct the problem.
Things were put to action in order to prevent recurrence of additional restrictions. 
Furthermore, we have released some accounts that were mistakenly restricted and the logs of additional accounts will be re-investigated and released sequentially. We are carefully checking if there are any additional problems.
Due to this situation, we wish to give rewards holding our deep apologies to the heroes  who were prevented from playing normally. They will be delivered until Wednesday. 
We understand no rewards would satisfy the loss, but for the accounts that couldn’t do content activities will be provided with content reward + Archelife 90 days reward, and the subaccount that was restricted at the same time will also be provided with Archelife 90 days reward. 
In future, we promise to check much thoroughly than detecting illegal programs and macro restrictions, so no harm would occur to the heroes in playing the game. 
Thank you.