Patch Note September 15, 2022Update

2022-09-14 20:30

Hello, Heroes of Erenor! 
Please read the details of the patch notes on September 15, 2022 below.


  • 'Rum Runner Rapids' event will be started.
  • Following contents will be opened in SpellDance server.
       - Magiclands
         > Can be entered through the road in Amaitan Highlands of Western Hiram Mountains.
         > Recommended level for the region is Ancestral Level 28 ~ Ancestral Level 29.
         > Faction that reaches 5,000 points to win the faction competition will get the chance of Nehliya raid.
       - Nehliya, Queen of Annihilation
         > Upon victory in Magiclands faction competition, Nehliya can be summoned at Central Hall for raid.
         > To defeat Nehliya, siege damage weapons must be used.

Cash Shop

Starting the discount on Appearance items that can be purchased with XL Cash. (~09.22 until the maintenance)
※ Discounted products can be found on Cash Shop > Appearance
> Some products are excluded from the discount.
Added the event product that can be purchased with XL Cash. (~09.22 until the maintenance)
- Arasha Traveler Pack (1 per account)
- Busy Laborer Pack (1 per account)
※ Can be purchased from Cash Shop > Main > Special

Added the product that can be purchased every day with XL Cash.
- Image Item: Haranyan Navy Uniform
- Image Item: Nuian Navy Uniform
- Image Item: Auroran Navy Uniform
- Image Item: Spotless Shore Leave Outfit
- Image Item: Rowdy Shore Leave Outfit
- Image Item: Shining Shore Leave Outfit
※ Can be purchased from Cash Shop > Main > Special

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue of 'Loyal Friend' title showing differently.