[Event] Grain Delivery (edited 11/3)Event

2022-10-06 10:00

Event Schedule
October 6, 2022 (before maintenance) ~ November 3 17, 2022 (after maintenance) (4 6 weeks) (edited 11/3)

Event Details
  1. NPC Sammy and Abundant Autumn Order Machine will appear at Austera, Marianople and Diamond Shores.
  2. Daily quest, 'Grain Bundle Delivery', can be accepted through Sammy.
  3. Once the quest is accepted, it is completed automatically and 'Grain Order Receipt' item is obtained.
  4. Use the 'Grain Order Receipt' at Abundant Autumn Order Machine and obtain 'Grain Delivery Order'.
  5. Use the 'Grain Delivery Order' to accept the daily quest of 'Sharing the Harvest!'.
  6. Interact with 'Stacked Grain' and equip 'Grain Bundle' trade pack. 
  7. Deliver the trade pack to the NPC at Delivery Location to receive a reward.

Event Quest
Following quests can be accepted by those of Lv.55+
Name Details Icon Reward
Grain Bundle Delivery Talk to NPC Sammy " Grain Order Receipt x1
Sharing the Harvest! Deliver 'Grain Bundle' to the destination " Grain Delivery Award x1

Event Reward
Following contents of Grain Delivery Award can be obtained (costs 100 Labor to open).
Icon Name Details
" Manastorm Crystal x5 Bind on Pick-Up
" Fruit of Effort x1
" Greater Archepass XP Boost x1
" Honorable Potion Crate: Rank 10 x1
" Bite Sized Cake x2 Strength, Intelligence, Agility, Spirit, Stamina +30 (30 mins effect)
Buff will not disappear upon character's death or disconnection
※ Item will last until November 10 24, 2022 (6:00AM) (edited 11/3)

Event Achievement

Following achievements can be obtained once hidden quests are completed.
Name Details Icon Reward
It's Time to Harvest!
Complete Grain Delivery 10 times
Title: Plentiful Harvest
Icon: Light Footsteps
Complete Grain Delivery 20 times
Manastorm Crystal x50

  1. 'Grain Delivery' event requires Lv.55+
  2. Event daily quests will be reset every day at 24:00 UTC +8.
  3. NPC Sammy, Abundant Autumn Order Machine, Event Items will disappear after November 3 17, 2022 maintenance. (edited 11/3)
  4. Grain Delivery Award will disappear after November 10 24, 2022 maintenance. (edited 11/3)
  5. The event trade sack will disappear if unequipped, if quest is completed/abandoned, or if the character dies. 
  6. Lost trade sack is reobtainable from the place first received.
  7. All event items cannot be restored.