Patch Note October 6, 2022 (Part.4)Update

2022-10-07 19:43

Hello, Heroes of Erenor! 
Please click the following link for Patch Note October 6, 2022 part 1 ( Link ), part 2 ( Link ) and part 3 (Link).


  • One new 'Mischievous Kid Costume' Archepass: Basic added, and can be progressed. 
  • One new 'Gem Carver Crate' Archepass: Advanced added, and can be progressed. 
  • One new 'Gone Fishing' Archepass: Best added, and can be progressed. 
  • One new 'Wonderland Cat Butler' Archepass: Best added, and can be progressed. 
  • One new '(Event) Duun Silver Pass' Archepass: Basic added, and can be progressed until November 24, 2022 maintenance.
  • Expiration period set for Archepass: Basic Manastorm's Blessing and Great Dexterity.
  ● ArchePass mentioned above cannot be progressed after December 29, 2022.
  • Added 2 new ArchePass available for progression.
  ● Heir's ArchePass Season 2: It is an ArchePass: Basic that can be used until December 26, 2022 maintenance.
  ● Ill Tempered Baby Goblin: An ArchePass: Advanced where Powerstone Pet 'Ill Tempered Baku' is the premium reward.

[Chat Window]
  • Chatting Tab > Options > Changed Font Size Option Button.
  ● Font for Chat has been changed and can be resized in Chat Options. 


  • Increased the reward for Faction Competition.
  ● Increased the honor point reward for Faction Competition from 800 to 1,500
    and ‘Improved Infusion Supply Kit’ is replaced by 'Radiant Infusion Supply Kit'.
  • Improved the view perspective to provide a wider view.
  ● The previous Wide View was expanded to show a wider view.
  • The Cargo Ship was improved so that there would not be a lack of space during peak times.
  ● You can now go on top of the Cargo Ship's masts.
  • It will now be easier to know which faction strikes first during raids.
  ● The HP gauge will appear in a darker color for the faction that did not attack first.
  • The Mobilization Order Hero Mission was improved. 
  ● The Mobilization Order missions was changed from 100 to 50 missions.
  • The accepted range for Party Duel requests were increased. 
  ● The acceptable range was increased from 50m to 100m.
  • The Exile system was revamped. 
  ● The condition for accepting Exile quests was changed from 100 Previous Leadership points to 1,000 points.
  • Further improvements were implemented for the Faction change system and Hero system. 
  ● The daily Cumulative Leadership points obtainable per character through Reputation was adjusted from 50 to 10 points.
    The daily limit of how many times the characters can get the points will remain at 10 times.
  ● Changed the 'Previous Leadership' of voter criteria and evaluation criteria from 250 to 500 points.
  • The standard for earning Leadership in Hero Missions was improved.
  ● Level 1: 4,000 → 3,000 / Level 2: 3,000 → 2,500
  • Increased the number of players for the Block list.
  ● Increased the number of players for the Block list from 100 to 200
  • Tweaked the difficulty of 'Corrupted Risopoda' at the Mysthrane Gorge.
  ● Some skills used by the Light Orb summoned by the Risopoda will be changed to Siege Damage
    and have their damage increased.
  • Added the tooltip of how to increase the capacity for chest items.
  • NPC dialogue will not be shown in general chat anymore.
  • Added a portal for the Pirate Faction at the Festival area.
  • Improved the breathing condition of some races at water surfaces.
  • Fixed the issue where sound effects were not played in some combat and movement situations.
  • Labor consumption from Farmhand will also be checked for quest completion conditions.
  ● Farmhand Labor consumption will now be applied for labor consuming quest conditions
    (such as for Guild Mission, ArchePass, and other events).
  ● However, this does not include when you 'Transfer Labor', since it's transferring a character's Labor to the Farmhand.
  • The available number of times you can activate the Hero Respawn Spot per week was cut down to half.
  ● Decreased the weekly available Hero Respawn Spots that can be activated to half compared to before.
  ● The adjustment for each hero rank is shown below.
Hero Ranks Available Weekly Activation
Basic 'Weak' Status
Erenor 7 times → 5 times 14 times → 10 times
Ayanad 4 times → 2 times 8 times → 4 times
Delphinad 3 times → 1 times 6 times → 2 times
Total 24 times → 12 times 48 times → 24 times

  • Added Specialty Preservation Bag Collector (Rotten Specialty Merchant) to the Community Center across all regions.
  ● 'Specialty Preservation Bag Collector (Rotten Specialty Merchant)' that used to be located only at the Community Center
    of certain regions was added to the Community Center of all regions, and will collect any decayed specialties.
  ● The additional locations of the relevant NPC are shown below.
Additional Locations of Specialty Preservation Bag Collector (Rotten Specialty Merchant)
Nuia Haranya
Airain Rock Ynystere
Aubre Cradle Silent Forest
Gweonid Forest Solis Headlands
Lilyut Hills Mahadevi
Marianople Tigerspine Mountains
White Arden Falcorth Plains
Dewstone Plains Arcum Iris
Halcyona Sunbite Wilds
Hellswamp Windscour Savannah
  • The Star Wings buff can now be refreshed while the buff is active. 
  ● Now the buff can be refreshed while the buff is active.
  • ArcheBlessing's cast time reduction effect will now be applied to Memory Ember as well. 
  ● ArcheBlessing decreases the cast time of Memory Ember by 50%.
  • Added mouse cursor color change and size adjustment features.
  ● Color: you can choose between white, yellow, pink, blue, and green.
  ● Size: you can choose between basic, larger, and max.

  • Added 1 more bridge to the Ynystere "Fortress" region.
  ● Added another bridge to the Ynystere Fortress region, and adjusted the tilt angle as well as the water level
    around the bridge so that cars and farm vehicles can pass over the river.

  • Added a feature that allows you to mute your own instrument performance skills. 
  ● Added the 'Mute your instrument skill music' feature to Settings > Basic > Musical Instrument Volume.
  ● These are the detailed options related to the above addition:
   ○ Player's instrument music: adjust musical instrument volume (0: mute)
   ○ Player's instrument skill music: select 'Mute your instrument skill music' or adjust effect volume
   ○ Others' instrument music: adjust musical instrument volume (0: mute) or select 'Mute instrument music and
       instrument skill music played by other characters'
   ○ Others' instrument skill music: select 'Mute instrument music and instrument skill music played by other characters'
       or adjust effect volume
  • You can now move the Mobilization Order and Jury Invite UI.
  ● Now you can move them and will reappear in the same location when they appear again.
  • Added the 'War Time' buff to the Faction Statue.
  ● Added the War Time effect, which can be activated by the Faction Hero.
  ● The buff can be activated by the Faction Hero with the completely-built Faction Statue and with 'Don't Give Up' applied.
    Consumes 150 labor when receiving the buff from the statue.
  ● Effects: Toughness +300 / Resilience +450 / Received Healing +5% / Received Siege Damage -10%
  • Removed the limitations of repetitive Mailing and Trading with the same person.
  ● We've received feedback that the 10 minute cooldown for mailing and trading with the same person was an inconvenience,
    so we've removed the cooldown and both actions can now be done instantly.

  • Changed the build range of all Drydocks.
  • Partially improved the Create Crest UI.
  • Partially improved the Community - All in the Family UI.
  • You can now collect items by clicking on the item icon from the Loot window when obtaining loot pressing G.

Cash Shop

Cash Shop items have been reorganized due to One-Build Service.
  ※ Details can be confirmed through Cash Shop in the game.

Improved the items bought in Cash shop to be directly put into Bag. 
 -The items that doesn't cost XL Cash (free items, coin items etc.) will be put into Bag immediately upon purchase.
 -If Bag is full, items bought from the Cash Shop will be sent to Mailbox.

Archelife Package (180 Days): Twilight Unicorn, Rampage is no longer for sale. 
 -Added the Rampage Series, Celestar, Lunaris on Cash Shop for all servers.
 -Rampage Series will be on sale for 2 weeks. (Until October 20 maintenance)

Added Archelife package that can be bought with XL Cash.
 -Archelife Package (90 Days) - Solarium Building Ticket (1 per account)
  ※ Available for purchase at Premium Shop. 

Added monthly Archelife Exclusive items that can be bought with XL Cash. (Until October 27 maintenance)
 -ArchePass XP Boost Bundle (1 per account)
 -Manastorm Crystal Package (1 per account)
 -Wrapped 15-Day Mission of Daru: Great Worker (1 per account)
 -Bound Resplendent Weapon Anchoring Tempering Charm (1 per account)
 -Bound Resplendent Armor Anchoring Tempering Charm (x2) (2 per account)
  ※ Available for purchase at Cash Shop > Main > ArcheLife Exclusive, if using ArcheLife.

Added Monthly Offers (October). (1 per account) (Until October 27 maintenance)
 -Daru's Pump-Up Bundle
 -Equipment Growth Support Pack
 -Manastorm Crystal (x100)
 -Wrapped Lulu’s Mission: Nachash Token Crate (28 days)
 -Wrapped 28-Day Radiant Hiram Infusion
 -Wrapped 28-Day Hiram and Radiant Hiram Awakening Scroll
 -Wrapped 28-Day Brilliant Hiram Awakening Scroll
 -Wrapped 28-Days Daru's Mission: ArchePass XP Scroll
  ※ Monthly Offers can be bought certain times for each account, and can be bought more after every first week of maintenance.
  ※ Scroll Quest Items are Period Items to perform daily quests and receive special rewards.
  (Quest can be proceeded once everyday for 28 days)
  ※ Item can be used once level requirement is met.

Added Event Items on sale that can be bought with XL Cash. (Until October 13 maintenance)
 -ArchePass XP Boost (x6) (4 per account)
 -Bound Worn Costume Crate (x5) (3 per account)
 -Race Change Elixir: 90 Days (1 per account)
 -Farmhand Fruit (x30) (1 per account)
  ※ Available for purchase at Cash Shop > Main > Special.
Added free Event Items available for purchase in all servers. (Until October 13 maintenance)
 -Scroll: 7-Day Cogwheel Longboard (1 per account)
  ※ Available for purchase at Cash Shop > Main > Event.
Restriction removed from the following items that can be bought with XL Cash in SpellDance.
 -Mysterious Planthouse
 -Fishing Pond
 -Majestic Tree
 -Mining Drill
  ※ Available for purchase at Cash Shop > Vocations > Plants. 

Added season items that can be bought with XL Cash. (Until November 24 maintenance)
 -Basic Growth Bundle (1 per account)
 -Duun Key Bundle (1 per account)
 -Duun Key x 1 / 5 / 10
  ※ Available for purchase at Cash Shop > Main > Special.