Patch Note October 13, 2022Update

2022-10-12 20:30

Hello, Heroes of Erenor! 
Please read the details of the patch notes for October 13, 2022 below.


  • October Event, 'Jack of All Lanterns', have started. 
  ● During the event, 'Two Crowns' and 'Solis Headlands' will become a Peace Zone. 

[Contents - Improvements]

  • Added Manual Mode in Camera Mode at Options. 
  ● As our Heroes of Erenor wished to apply own desired value into the Camera Mode,
          we have reflected on this and added a new Manual Mode.

  ● Unlike the default camera which only allowed maximum distance adjustment,
          Manual Mode also allows the adjustment of the Angle of View and Zoom-In Speed.
          A slide bar will appear once this mode is selected, and it will allow the player to change to desired settings. 

[Great Prairie of the West]

  • Peace Zone has been set at the Resurrection Area in Great Prairie of the West.
  ● This Peace Zone is smaller than the other Resurrection Areas, and Guards will not attack even if Factions are different. 

Cash Shop

Addition of XL Cash On-Sale Event Products. (Until October 20 maintenance)
 -Bound Labor Recharger (x100) (1 per account)
 -ArcheBlessing: 30 Days (1 per account)
 -Bound Serendipity Stone (x5) (1 per account) 
 -Demigod Essence (x5) (1 per account)
      ※ Available for purchase at Cash Shop > Main > Special

Addition of Free Event Products for all Servers. (Until October 20 maintenance)
 -7-Day Scroll: Redwood Roadster (1 per account) 
  ※ Available for purchase at Cash Shop > Main > Event

Bug Fixes

  • Now Sunglow Lunagem: Revitalizing Cheer also applies to Ancestral skills.
  • Fixed Labor being spent when 'War Time' is in possession at Community Center, without getting 'Community Boost'.
  • Quest acception error for 'Blue Salt Request: Preserves' fixed through Blueberry Seed Bundle. 
  • Quest acception error for 'Blue Salt Request: Preserves' fixed through Millet Seed Bundle. 
  • Fixed the issue of 'Birch Treehouse Design' sales settings.
  • Fixed the error of the terminated ArchePass exposure.
  • Fixed the content of Loyalty Pouch Item Tool Tip.