[Event] Broom RaceEvent

2022-10-20 10:00

Event Schedule

October 20, 2022 (after maintenance) ~ November 10, 2022 (before maintenance)

Event Details

  1. Find the NPC Little Witch at Mirage Isle. 
  2. Accept the daily quest 'Hallowtide Broom Race' and the item 'Mirage Broom'(Only +30 lv. can accept)
    -(Bond-On-Pickup) 'Mirage Broom' will disappear after November 10, 2022 maintenance.
  3. Go through the Flight Gateway on a broomstick one after the other. 
  4. As 4th Gateway is passed, obtain Broom Race Coin x8 upon completion of the quest.
  5. Broom Race Token Rank 1~4 will be given depending on the time taken for passing all Gateway.  
  6. Change Event Coins to rewards at 'Gift Exchanger' located at Mirage Isle. 
    -(Bond-On-Pickup) Broom Race Coin will disappear after November 17, 2022 maintenance.
Type Token Name Icon No. of Awards
Daily Quest Broom Pro! Broom Race Coin x12
Amazing Skill! Broom Race Coin x10
Well Done! Broom Race Coin x8
You Finished! Broom Race Coin x6

Event Rewards

The Broom Race Coins can be exchanged as rewards at 'Gift Exchanger' in Mirage Isle.
  • 'Gift Exchanger' is located at the entrance of Mirage Isle, the starting point of the event.
Icon Name No. Obtained Required Broom Race Coins Effect
Spooky Cauldron Mailbox 1 180 Bond-on-Pickup
Inoch Plushie 1 100
Spooky Hallowtide Window 1 100
Autumn Globe 1 100
Bound Serendipity Stone 1 60
Bound Resplendent Tempering Crate 1 50
Auroran Synthesis Stone Crate 1 30
Honorforged Medal 1 8
Luna Charm Rank 1 1 6
Decrystallization Scroll 1 10
Hiram Awakening Scroll 10 5
Radiant Hiram Awakening Scroll 5 5
Brilliant Hiram Awakening Scroll
3 5
Bound Labor Recharger 1 12
Adventurer's Winged Elixir 1 10
Bound Hereafter Stone 2 1

Event Achievements

Participating in the event will provide an opportunity to accomplish hidden achievements.
Name Detail Icon Achievement Name
Hallowtide Broom Racer [Able to achieve by participating in the event] Title: Broom Race Pro
Pumpkin Collector Title: Pumpkin Collector
Icon: Spooky Pumpkin
Ultimate Broom Pro! Title: Ghost
Icon: Ghost of Mirage
Cough Cough Title: Smoke Generator


  1. Daily event quests require +30 lv. and it will be reset every day at 24:00 UTC +8.
  2. If all 4 Gateways haven't been passed on one flight, Broom Race Token Rank 1~4 will not be given.
  3. NPC Little Witch, Mirage Broom, Broom Race Token: Rank 1~4 will disappear after November 10, 2022 maintenance. 
  4. Broom Race Coin and Gift Exchanger will disappear after November 17, 2022 maintenance. 
  5. The quest accepted through Broom Race Token Rank 1~4 can only be accepted and completed once a day, so please use it on the day received. 
  6. Mount and vehicles will be destroyed upon summoning at some areas of the event.
  7. Cancelling flight on 'Mirage Broom' will take the player back to the starting point of the event. 
  8. All event items will not be restored.