[Announcement] A New Integrated Server 'Rangora' (edited 11/20)Notice

2022-11-03 10:00

Hello, this is ArcheAge. 
We are pleased to inform you about the new integrated server 'Rangora', which will open on November 17, 2022.

♣ Details on Server Integration
  • The characters at server Gene, Morpheus, Damian will be moved to 'Rangora'.

♣ Schedule for Server Integration
No. Date Details
1 After 11/03 maintenance ~ Before 11/17 maintenance - Players will be guided to server integration process
- Prepay Tax system restricted (deleted 11/11)
2 11/14
22:00 (UTC+8)
- Restrictions on listing items at Auction House
  (Gene, Morpheus, Damian)
3 11/17
00:00 ~ 11:00 (UTC+8) 00:10 ~ 11:00 (UTC+8) (added 11/16)
- Server Integration Maintenance
4 11/20
20:00 21:00 (UTC+8) (edited 11/20)
- Housing open for integrated server
※ The time taken for integrating servers may be shorter/longer depending on the situation.  
※ Once the housing for integrated server opens, the housing at Neutral Zone will not be protected.

♣ Target Servers for Integration
Target Servers Integrated Server
Gene Morpheus Damian Rangora
※ The characters at Gene, Morpheus, Damian server will be transferred to the new intergrated server, 'Rangora'.
※ Maximum character slots will be increased to 10 on the time of the server integration at 11/17.
   (Maximum character slots previously limited to 2 each server)

♣ Preventing Overlapping Character Names
  • As integration takes place, the names of all the characters will be replaced with an initial name to prevent overlapping names between characters. 
  • The name of the character must be changed once the player logs in 'Rangora' for the first time, before proceeding with the game. 
         Step 1) Log in to 'Rangora' for the first time. 
         Step 2) Change the name of the character
         Step 3) Logging in complete

♣ Reward for Server Integration
1) Rangora's Bundle
Item Quantity
Title: Rangora's Blessing 1
Manastorm Crystal 20
Bound Labor Recharger 3
Gilda Star 50
Loyalty Token 50
Divine Key 50
Honorable Victory Rank 5 2
Honorable Vocation Potion Rank 5 2
Kyrios Badge 50
Bound Tax Certificate 100
Bound Worn Costume Bundle 5
※ Note: 
  1. Based on the time this notice is uploaded, 'Integration Gift Pack' will be given if there is a +Lv.30 character at servers scheduled for integration. (Not eligible if +Lv.30 character doesn't exist)
  2. The reward box can be found in the official homepage (XL Cash > Coupon Box), after server integration maintenance ~ before 18:00. (1 per account) 
  3. The given coupon must be used within the validity date (30 days from the date received) and it will not be restored once it has expired. 
  4. All items given as a reward are Bond-on-Pickup and will not be restored once destroyed. 

2) Additional Compensation for Housing Removal
Additional Compensation for Housing Removal (Building Management Title)
Item Quantity
Tent 1
Storage Silo 1
Small Farm (8x8) 1
Medium Farm (16x16) 2
Farm (Gazebo) 5
Aquafarm 3
Small House 3
Medium House 5
Large House 10
Medium Bungalow 5
Large Bungalow 10
Chalet (Balcony) 15
Townhouse 10
Thatched Farmhouse 5
Farm Upgrade 10
Tree House 10
Mansion 20
※ Note:
  1. The reward for removing housing and full kit will be given to characters that has a completed Housing in target servers for integration until November 17 maintenance. (Gene, Morpheus, Damian servers)
  2. If the player removes their housing before integration, they will be excluded from receiving compensation. 
  3. Workbench is excluded from receiving compensation (If completed workbenches are removed, full kit will be given)
  4. If the player already has a completed housing, do not remove it and only take the funiture/items installed inside.
  5. All the compensation rewards will be given sequentially after November 17 maintenance. 
  6. The Prepay Tax Certificate will not be recovered, so please check the payment date upon use.

3) Archelife Reward
- Target Players: All accounts that have log-in information on November 10, 2022 after maintenance ~
                      November 17, 2022 before maintenance. 
- How it will be given: ArcheLife Ticket (1 Day) will be given sequentially through XL Cash > Coupon Box,
                              after the maintenance on November 17 21 before 18:00 (UTC+8). (added 11/17)

※ Note:
  1. Free ArcheLife Ticket (1 Day) must be used within the expiry date (30 days from the date of issue)
  2. ArcheLife Ticket takes place from the second it has been used from the Coupon Box. However, if another product is already purchased, the ArcheLife Coupon will become 'Registered', and its usage status can be checked through XL Cash > My XL Cash.
  3. The ArcheLife Coupon given for this event will not be allowed to refund.

♣ Information for Initializing Data Transfer upon Integration

Information Kept Information Deleted
Character Information (Level/EXP/Item)
Family Information (Family Name/Increased Family Capacity)
Non-Recoverable Funiture (Given by Mail)
   (Including furniture that is lost when demolished)
   (added 11/7)
Mailbox (Including attached items)
Marketplace Mail
Ranking Information (Arena/Fishing)
Housing (full kit given)
Guild (Members, Rank, Level, Mission Data, Prestige, etc.)
Territory Building (full kit given)
Crafting Request
Farmhand Level and EXP
Race Change Status
Friend/Block List (added 11/10)
Skill keybinds (shortcut) set by the player
Non-recoverable trade pack
Plants currently being cultivated
   (Including plants purchased with Cash)
Crime Log (Crime Points and Infamy Points are kept)
Auction House
UCC Design
 (Reward will be given to the character with Crest Ink
     that has default crest applied)
Hero Authorization and Cape
Leadership Points (Accumulated Leadership is kept)
Friend Friend Request (added 11/10) 
Information related to Territory and Territory Contribution
   (The Territory Profit that haven't been calculated
     before integration will disappear)
Recorded Location by using Memory Ink
Farmhand Production Fee and Production Items
   currently on-going.
※ Note
Only the items at Bag/Warehouse/Chest will be transferred,
and items placed at Housing/Farm will disappear and won't be recovered. 

♣ Notes regarding Integration
1) Auction House
  • The information for Auction House will not be transferred, and it will be restricted for 50 hours before integration to prevent loss.
2) UCC Design
  • Crest Ink will not be transferred.
  • All the players' custom design will be reset, and the character that has default crest applied to Crest Ink will be given 5 gold each crest. Also, the character that has Crest Stamp will be given Memory Ink. 

3) Trade Pack
  • Trade Pack type items that has been put down at Farm etc. will be initialized and won't be restored.
  • Players should sell the Trade Goods yet to be sold before server integration.

4) Hero
  • All Hero Authorization and Cape will be initilized upon integration. However, before integrating the servers, the last hero chosen from the server scheduled for integration will be given Glorious Armor Crate after integrating. 

5) Prepaying Tax for Housing
  • The Prepay Tax Certificate will be initialized upon integration.
  • After November 3 maintenance, Prepay Tax Certificate will be temporarily unusable and certificate that is already used will not be restored. (deleted 11/11)
  • The Tax Certificate already used for prepaying tax after 11/3 maintenance (Thu) will be restored through the mail sequentially, after 11/17 maintenance (Thu). (added 11/11)

6) Resident Contribution
  • All resident contribution will be calculated and handled upon server integration maintenance.

7) Decor Limit Increase
  • This item will be given to the character - in servers scheduled for integration - with housing that used Decor Limit Increase before server integration.

8) Raising a Mount
  • The authority for raising a mount will be initialized, and the information for Mount Raising Reward will be released soon.
  • After November 3 maintenance, Red Dragon Raising Content will be changed so it will not be possible to proceed temporarily. This content will be activated normally after the integration. 

9) Method of Land Claim in the Integrated Server
  • All lands will be initialized and there will be no owner once the integrated server opens.
  • Every Wednesday at 19:00 (UTC +8), the foundation of the workbench will be activated and player will be able to craft Purifying Archeum. 

10) Building Housing in the Integrated Server
  • Building housing at Housing Province will be limited in the integrated server once it opens. 
  • Housing Limit Release Date: November 20, 2022 20:00 21:00 (UTC +8) (edited 11/20)
  • Building a 'Full Kit' does not require additional materials, but the deposit and tax will be applied the same as building a normal (default) housing.