[Event] Max 80% Off! Black Friday! (added 11/16)Event

2022-11-03 10:00

Hello, this is ArcheAge. 
We bring you information on the 'Black Friday' event
that will take place from November 3, 2022 after maintenance ~ December 1, 2022 before maintenance.

Discount will be applied sequentially on Marketplace categories every week,
so buy a special product to obtain ‘Black Friday Ticket’ and exchange it for desired rewards!

Event 1. Black Friday Ticket 

How to Participate
  1. Obtain ‘Black Friday Ticket’ as a bonus to the purchase of special items, or directly buy 2 tickets per account.
  2. Collect ‘Black Friday Ticket’ and exchange it with desired items from 'Black Friday Ticket Exchanger' located at the faction base of Growlgate Isle.

List of Special Products

Period Image Items to be Sold Price
(XL Cash)
Attribute Purchase Limit No. of
Bonus Tickets
11/3~11/10 Bound Lucent Serendipity Stone 55,000 Untradeable 1 per account 3
11/10~11/17 Equipment Improvement Bundle 35,000 1 per account 1
Blue Salt Brotherhood Vocation Pack 24,000 1 per account 1
Arasha Traveler Pack 22,000 1 per account 1
11/17~11/24 Bound Superior Red Regrade Charm (x2) 40,000 2 per account 2
11/24~12/01 Equipment Improvement Bundle 35,000 1 per account 1
※ Available at Marketplace(N) > Main > Special

Items Available for Exchange
Image Reward No. Required No. of Tickets
Eternal XP Crate 1 8
Bound Lucent Serendipity Stone 1 5
Bound Anchoring Tempering Charm Box 1 4
Bound Lucent Serendipity Stone 4 3
Manastorm Crystal 100 3
Race Change Elixir: 30 Days 1 2
Rosen Crystal 50 1

Event 2. Discount by Category!

  • Discount will take place sequentially in the order of Consumables, Vocations, Appearance, Summons categories.
  • Discount rate will be different for every category and some products will not be on sale, so please check the table below as well as checking at the Marketplace. 
On Sale For: Category Discount Rate Rep. Product on Sale
11/3~11/10 Consumables MAX 50%
  • ArchePass Upgrade Ticket: Basic/Advanced/Grand
  • Wrapped Serendipity Stone
  • Bound Weapon, Armor Anchoring Tempering Charm
  • Superior Red/Yellow Regrade Charm
11/10~11/17 Vocations MAX 50%
  • Wrapped Building Management Title
  • Building Design
  • Hotspring Pond/Sealed Halloween Tombstone/Otherworld Storage Chest
11/17~11/24 Appearance MAX 80%
  • Vocation Costume/Rousing Rabbit Pajamas
  • Leopard Undergarments/Alabaster Lace/Gold, Red Cat Undergarments
  • Worn Costume Crate
  • Race Change Elixir: 30 Days
11/24~12/1 Summons MAX 50%
  • Scroll: Rampage Series
  • Glider Companion: Panda
  • Celestar/Lunaris


  1. Black Friday Ticket and Black Friday Ticket Exchanger will disappear on December 1 8, 2022 maintenance. (added 11/16)
  2. Products can be bought at in-game Marketplace using XL Cash (paid/free) and will all be sent to Marketplace Mail upon purchase.
  3. Moving the item from Marketplace Mail to Bag will be seen as a use of the item thus refund will be restricted.
  4. Purchased products can be discharged within 7 days as long as it's unused. However, products bought/received as a gift may limit the amount of XL Cash returned as to our operational policy.
  5. Some items are not part of the discount event.