[Event] Machine Filled Dimensional CreviceEvent

2022-11-03 10:00

November 03 (Thurs), 2022 after maintenance ~ November 24 (Thurs), 2022 before maintenance


Apply for 'Machine Filled Dimensional Crevice' through Instance > Arena

Category Details
Entry Method Instance > Arena
Entry Time Everyday, 10:00~23:50
Entry Limit +Lv.55
No. of Players Allowed 8
TIme Limit 8 mins


Stronger monsters will be added as time passes, and another weapon can be selected or strengthened depending on the number of monsters defeated.

Stage Details
Machine Rift
Central Power Source
There is a 'Central Power Source' in the middle of the Arena and it changes type depending on the number of damage received by Machine Monster's self-destruct.
  • It must be protected before event arena ends.
  • Receives damage when Machine Monster approaches and self-destructs.
Machine Rift Summoning Area
Various monsters will be summoned every time from the Summoning Area, and strong monsters will be summoned arbitrarily.
  • A construction that summons the self-destructing Machine Monsters rushing to the Central Power Source.
  • Stonger monsters will be summoned in 3 steps every 2 minutes.
        ※ Step 1 (2 mins) → Step 2 (2 mins) → Step 3 (2 mins) 
  • Summoning Area will be immune to all attacks and buff effects.
Machine Rift
Weapon Selection Box
A Weapon Selection Box will be placed near the Central Power Source.
  • Interacting with the selected box will activate an icon for selecting various equipment. 

① Upon entry, accept the quest of 'Save Our Dimension' from NPC Resistance Leader Stark.
  -Quest will be completed automatically by getting rewards each stage.
② Fight against the Machine Army with dedicated weapons and safeguard the Central Power Source. 
③ The success of safe-guarding and individual number of kills will decide the number of Machine Dimension Coins
④ Interact with NPC Stark during quest completion cooltime to receive rewards.
    (Unlimited participation, able to acquire reward once a day)
※ The quest 'Save Our Dimension' gives rewards in both Win/Lose status
[Win] Interact with NPC 'Victorious Joyful Stark' once Central Power Source is safely kept.
Interact with NPC 'Defeated Grim Stark' once Central Power Source is demolished. 
No. No. of Monsters Defeated Icon Central Power Source Safe (Win) Central Power Source Demolished (Lose)
5 300~400 Machine Dimension Coin x20 Machine Dimension Coin x14
4 200~299 Machine Dimension Coin x18 Machine Dimension Coin x12
3 100~199 Machine Dimension Coin x16 Machine Dimension Coin x10
2 50~99 Machine Dimension Coin x14 Machine Dimension Coin x8
1 0~49 Machine Dimension Coin x12 Machine Dimension Coin x6
⑤ Reward can be received every stage regardless of the Central Power Source status, but quest progression will
     [Win] 4 Machine Dimension Coins will be given and the victory quest 'You Are Our Hero' can be progressed. 
     [Lose] The victory quest 'You Are Our Hero' cannot be progressed.

<TIP> Machine Filled Dimensional Crevice

The Machine Filled Dimensional Crevice is made up of 3 stages in total, and as the player proceeds each level
the monsters will increase in speed and higher ranking monsters will be added.
Players can use a different weapon based on the number of monsters defeated, and they can obtain buff effects like weapon performance, activating special skill, etc. each level.

Image Monster Emerging Stage HP Speed Detail
Machine Rift
Guard Dog
Level 1~3 20,000 Slow Most are easily taken down with equipment.
Machine Rift
Assault Golem
Level 2~3 30,000 Average
  • Golem's Explosive Charge
Charges forward while smashing the ground.
Machine Rift
Large Battle Golem
Level 3
(with a certain probability)
50,000 Fast
  • Battle Golem's Explosive Charge
Moving speed increases by 30%
while casting this skill, and it charges forward.
Machine Rift
Siegeram Taurus
Level 1~3
(with a low probability)
100,000  -
  • Roar of the Machines
The machine monsters in 15m radius will receive the buff of increasing in moving speed as well as gaining 20% more maximum HP. (20 seconds)

  • Powerful Roar of the Machines
Invinsibility will be activated for machine monsters in 15m radius, so players cannot give damage. (10 seconds)

Instance Dedicated Weapon
A weapon of choice can be worn by interacting with the 'Machine Rift Weapon Selection Box'.
Weapon Image Guide  & Detail
Laser Gun
(Default Equipment)
Player can only attack one target,
but it can be reused very quickly so Machine Rift Guard Dogs can easily be killed. 
(Maximum Target: 1)
  • Gives 20,000 damage, and weapon performance does not become better even if the player obtains buff effect. 
  • Changing to another weapon is recommended after killing 50 monsters.
Flame Thrower
Total 8 monsters can be targeted at once, but the blow must be held in place in order to kill successfully. 
(Maximum Target: 8)
  • Gives 10,000 damage to the area ahead of the player by 18m, with 0.5 second intervals. When enhanced, the damage increases to 15,000 and can reach 30m from the player (time interval stays the same).
  • 5,000 damage rate is decreased to the Machine Rift Large Battle Golem. 
  • Player can use the special skill 'Flame Zone'.
  ▷ Flame Zone: Throw a grenade at the specified location to give 20,000 damage, which also
    creates a Flame Zone on the floor that lasts for 10 seconds and decreases move speed of
          enemy targets on Flame Zone by 40%. 
Chain Beams
Player shoots a transferable laser to the chosen target which attacks the monsters around it randomly.
(Maximum Target: 6~8)
  • The laser that transfers 6 times gives 20,000 damage per turn,
    and by enhancing, it transfers 8 times with 25,000 damage.
  • An increased 50,000 damage will be fixed on to the Machine Rift Siegeram Taurus.
  • Player can use the special skill 'Eliminate Target'.
  ▷ Eliminate Target: Summons a satellite that inflicts 20,000 explosion damage initially,
          then deals continuous laser attacks with 10,000 damage.
Laser Cannon
This weapon has a long cooltime,
but it can attack many enemies at once by shooting lasers in different directions.
(Maximum Target: No limit)
  • Shoots 3 lines of lasers that give 15,000 damage to all the monsters that got hit, and when enhanced laser lines increase to 5 (damage rate stays the same).
  • A decreased 5,000 damage will be fixed on to the Machine Rift Siegeram Taurus.
  • Player can use the special skill 'Fast Charge'.
  ▷ Fast Charge: Laser Cannon can be used without cooltime for 10 seconds. 
Laser Blade
A melee weapon that sweeps the battlefield. Requires control, but is highly efficient. 
(Maximum Target: No limit)
  • 1st hit with the Laser Blade: 8,000 damage to enemies in 5m radius
    2nd hit: 17,000 damage to enemies in 7m radius
    Enhanced: Move speed increases 40%.
  • 12,000 damage will be fixed for Machine Rift Guard Dog (damage decreased).  
  • Player can use the special skill 'Unsheathed Laser'.
  ▷ Unsheathed Laser: Gives 100,000 fixed damage to all enemies in 20m radius.

Buff Effects Per Stage

Players can obtain buff effects each stage based on the number of monsters killed.
Monster Kills Buff Obtained Effect
300 ~ 400 Special Skill Enhanced Cooltime of special skill 10 sec decreased
200 ~ 299 Special Skill Activate Able to use the special skill of each weapon
100 ~ 199 Machine Rift Kill:
Level 3
Increases weapon performance apart from the Laser Gun
50 ~ 99 Machine Rift Kill:
Level 2
Able to use
Flame Thrower / Chain Beams / Laser Cannon / Laser Gun
0 ~ 49 Machine Rift Kill:
Level 1
Able to use Laser Gun

Machine Rift Central Power Source
Central Power Source
HP: 100%~70%
Central Power Source
HP: 70%~31%
Central Power Source
HP: 30%~1%
Central Power Source
HP: 0%
    • A construction that players must protect from monsters rushing in.
    • The effect (blue light, etc.) will turn off based on the remaining HP.
    • The blue light from the Central Power Source will turn off when destroyed, and the construction will go up in flames. Players will still be able to continue the Instance, but will receive the reward for failure.
    • Until the instance ends, players can receive the reward for victory when Central Power Source is protected sucessfully. In comparison to the reward for failure, more Machine Dimension Coins will be given. 


The coin obtained at Machine Filled Dimensional Crevice can be exhanged for rewards from 'Machine Dimensional Coin Exchanger' located infront of each faction base.
Icon Item No. Required No. for Exchange Attribute
Magithopter Image: Clear Crystal Wings
( Link )
1 240 Bind on Pick-Up
Modified Bomber Golem
( Link )
1 240
Modified Assault Golem
( Link )
1 240
Bound Serendipity Stone 1 60
Bound Resplendent Tempering Crate 1 50
Auroran Synthesis Stone Crate 1 30
Honorforged Medal 1 8
Luna Charm Rank 1 1 6
Decrystallization Scroll 1 10
Hiram Awakening Scroll 10 5
Radiant Hiram Awakening Scroll 5 5
Brilliant Hiram Awakening Scroll 3 5
Bound Labor Recharger 1 12


Hidden achievements can be completed upon active participation of the event.
Achievement Icon Name
Where and Who am I? Title: Where and Who Am I?
Machine Dimension Coin x20
From Another Dimension Title: From Another Dimension
Machine Dimension Coin x20
Combat Machine Title: Combat Machine
Hit the Machine To Fix It Title: Hit the Machine To Fix It
Savior of Another Dimension Magnastia Weapon Crate
( Link )


  1. Event quest can only be accepted by characters over Lv.55, and it will reset everyday at 00:00.
  2. The quest ‘Save Our Dimension’ will only be completed once player receives rewards every stage, regardless of winning/losing.
  3. The quest ‘You Are Our Hero’ can only be accepted and completed once the player wins (safe-guards the Central Power Source).
  4. Entering the Machine Filled Dimensional Crevice may remove buff effects apart from some items that recovers labor.
  5. Machine Dimension Coin and Machine Dimensional Coin Exchanger will disappear on December 1, 2022 maintenance.
  6. All event items will not be recovered if destroyed.