Patch Note November 17, 2022 (added 11/17)Update

2022-11-16 20:30

Hello, Heroes of Erenor! 
Please read the details of the patch notes on November 17, 2022 below.


  • The event 'Equipment Growth UP & DOWN' has started. 
  • The tooltip and objective of the quest, 'The Yata Lantern', has been modified easier to see. 

 [Improved Content
  • Players can receive stronger buffs depending on their Artistry Proficiency of the 'War Drum'.
         - Depending on the Artistry Proficiency of the player playing the 'War Drum',
           a stronger buff is given to the players using 'Dance: Pumped Up' skill.
         - (Buff effect is not related to the player summoning the 'War Drum', but the Artistry Proficiency
           of the player playing.)
         - When a low level of synthesis is applied, 
           it is switched to a higher level when the player with a high Artistry Proficiency plays the 'War Drum'. 
         - On the other hand, lower level of synthesis won't replace the higher level of synthesis effect taking place.

'War Drum' Effect Rate each Artistry Level
Proficiency Level Attack/Magic/Heal Increased Rate Damage Received Buff Duration
Novice ~ Master 5 0 5%
(No Change)
30 mins
(No Change)
Authority 7 2
Champion 9 4
Adept 11 6
Herald 13 8
Virtuoso 15 10
Celebrity 18 13
Famed 23 18

 [Farmhands(added 11/17)
  • Farmhands' maximum level increased to 40.
         - Farmhands' labor increase: 5,000
         - Farmhands' veteran points increase
         - Farmhands' trade increase
         - Farmhands' registration number increase


  • The effect of 'War Drum' applies differently depending on the Artistry Proficiency.
  • Once switched to Bloodlust Mode, it has changed to need some cast time (cannot change the Bloodlust Mode during battle).
  • Character slots increased to 10 each server.

Cash Shop

Discount will start for Appearance items that can be bought with XL Cash. (~11.24 maintenance)
  ※ Available at Marketplace(N) > Appearance
         ▶ Some products are not part of the discount. 
Added Special Products that can be bought with XL Cash. (~11.24 maintenance)
 -Image Item: Lawkeeper Costume (1 per account)
      + (Bonus) Manastorm Crystal (x30) will be given upon purchase. 
 -Bound Superior Red Regrade Charm (x2) (2 per account)
      + (Bonus) Black Friday Ticket (x2) will be given upon purchase.
 -Bound Superior Yellow Regrade Charm (x2) (2 per account)
  ※ Available at Marketplace(N) > Main > Special

Added event products with discount that can be bought with XL Cash. (~11.24 maintenance)
 -Wrapped Building Management Title (x20) (1 per account)
 -Gem Carver Crate (x10) (5 per account)
 -Decor Limit Increase (1 per account)
 -Demigod Essence (x5) (2 per account)
  ※ Available at Marketplace(N) > Main > Special

Added free event items that can be bought at all servers. 
(~11.24 maintenance)
 -Ipnya's Blessing (x3) (1 daily per account) (added 11/17)
 -Hiram Awakening Scroll Rank 3 (x5) (dedicated to ArcheLife) (1 per account > additional 2 per account)
  ※ Available at Marketplace(N) > Main > Event.

The items of Spelldance server benefits have been sold out.
 -Homecoming Warrior's Gift (1 Day)
 -Lv10~40 Spelldance Support Pack 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: The item 'Toy Lantern' settings error for sale. 
  • Fixed: Sea Banshee acting up strange.