[Pre-Notice] Reform in Executioner Ranking SystemNotice

2022-11-24 10:00
Hello, this is ArcheAge. 

We would like to inform our users about the completion of the Ranking System 
due to the reform in Executioner Ranking, and also about the further action that will be taken. 

Executioner Ranking is a system of competing to get a higher rank,  
but it is true that it does not work as planned. 
For example, it is used as a way to get rewards from specific content, etc.

Therefore, the Executioner will end at the end of November, and by 2023, 
we plan to improve the Ranking system sequentially to benefit especially Hero Erenors who are active in various content.

Among the Reward from the Ranking in Executioners, 
'Kyrios Badge' items are scheduled to be supplied smoothly through Coin improvement in December.

[ Details of Plan ]
  • The Executioner Ranking System will be maintained until November, and the Reward from Ranking will be given as scheduled.
  • The 'Akrites' Accessory' given as a Ranking reward can only be used until December, and will no longer be produced after that. 
  • Ranking only based on participation in Executioner content will not be available after December 1, 2022 maintenance.
  • Executioner List
    Executioner Gladiator Arena
    Sparring Arena
    Free-For-All Arena
    Drill Camp Arena
We plan to introduce future updates and development directions through Developer's Message in early December. 
Please give us a lot of support, and we'll see you again soon through Developer's Message.

Thank you.