[Notice] Rewrite Your Legacy, New Server Open (December 15, 2022) (edited 12/13)Notice

2022-12-01 10:00

Hello, This is ArcheAge.
We'd like to inform you of the details regarding the new server opening on December 15 (Thurs).
The new server is focused on the competition between the Nuia Alliance and Haranya Alliance, 
which limits the movement to the Pirate Faction and requires you to complete contents in order to use Continental Dialects.
Moreover, separate servers with the same system will also open in Korea and Asia regions, as well as NA and EU, 
which will allow us to have contents where you can cooperate and compete with players of other regions.
New Server Daeior
1. New Server Daeior opens on December 15, 19:00 UTC+8
2. There are no limitations for accessing the server, even if you have characters in existing servers.
3. However, you can only create 1 character per account in the new server. Schedule on additional character creation will be announced later.
New Server Exclusive Free Benefits
1. Daily Consumables Support!
  • Login to the game and go to Marketplace(N) > Main > Event to purchase for free once per day per account.
  • Please note that this item disappears 1 day after purchase.
Item Name Contents Type
Homecoming Warrior's Gift (1 Day) Angel Wing Elixir (1 Day) x 1 Binds on Pickup
Sage Taffy x 1
Tiny Treasure Taffy x 1
Manastorm Crystal x 3
Blessed Elixir (1 Day) x 2

2. New Server Exclusive Growth Benefits!
  • Automatically distributed to your bag after logging in with your newly created character.
Level Main Rewards
Level 1–Ancestral Level 30 Jake's Blessing (15 Days)
Gilt Spiral Glider
Bound Labor Recharger
Radiant Hiram Infusion
Honorforged Medal
Hiram Awakening Scroll Rank 1, Rank 2, Rank 3
Luna Charm Rank 1, Rank 2, Rank 3
Beginner's Boost
Solar/Lunar Temper
Cloaked Epherium Cloak
Bound Serendipity Stone
Manastorm Crystal
New Server Exclusive Limited Period Benefits (Before January 26, 2023 maintenance)
1. Exchange Login and Play Rewards for Manastorm Crystals!
  • Login to the game and go to Marketplace(N) > Main > Event to purchase for free once per day per account.
Benefit Item Required Exchange Qty
Manastorm Crystal x 8 Divine Key x 18

2. ArchePass Tier Up Benefits!
  • Login to the game and go to Marketplace(N) > Main > Event to purchase for free once per day per account. (available from level 55)
Benefit Item Effect Condition Rewards
28-Day Daeior`s Mission: ArchePass XP Boost Accept Daily Quest Spend 2,000 Labor ArchePass XP Boost x 3
New Server Exclusive Competitive Event
1. Level 55 Achievement Event
  • Reward Condition: All characters that reach level 55 before the December 22 (Thu), 2022 maintenance
  • Reward schedule: December 28 (Wed), 2022, before 17:00 UTC+8
Item Name Qty
Luna Charm Rank 1 30

2. Level Competitive Event
  • Reward Condition: Characters ranked 1st–20th in [Ranking Information > Item Grades > Ancestral Level] at December 29 (Thu). 2022, 4:00 UTC+8
  • Reward schedule: January 4 (Wed), 2023, before 17:00 UTC+8
Rank Rewards
1st 100,000 XL Cash
2nd–5th 50,000 XL Cash
6th–20th 20,000 XL Cash
New Server Exclusive Global Event
1. Equipment Points Competition
  • Reward Condition: Region with the highest Average Equipment Points of Rank 1st–20th characters, 100 hours after server opens
  • Reward schedule: December 21 (Wed), 2022, before 17:00 UTC+8
Classification Rewards
Ranking Players Reward 50,000 Free XL Cash x 1
1st Region Reward Honorforged Medal x 5
Participation Reward for All Regions Manastorm Crystal x 10

2. Different Regions, Same Faction!
  • Reward Condition: Faction with more total wins in the Halcyona War on January 12 (Thu), 2023.
(Nuia Alliance of all regions vs Haranya Alliance of all regions)
  • Reward schedule: January 18 (Wed), 2023, before 17:00 UTC+8
Classification Rewards
Winning Faction Synthesis Fairy Jake appears at the Faction Base
Participation Reward for All Regions To be revealed later
New Server Exclusive Events Disclaimer
  • Events are only held in the new servers opening in Korea, NA/EU, and Asia.
  • New Server Exclusive Event Rewards will be distributed as coupons in the official website. Coupons can only be used in the new servers.
  • Coupons must be used within 30 days upon receiving them. Once the coupons expire, they disappear and cannot be restored.
New Server Exclusive Content Open Schedule (Dec 15)
  • Growth of Dungeon equipment and crafted Lunagem to higher tiers will be limited in the new servers until further notice.
  • Instance Arenas, such as the Drill Camp Arena, will not be opened.
#Future open schedule can be changed due to server status, which will be announced separately if changed.
  December 15, 2022 December 29, 2022 Pending
Equipment - Radiant Erenor Equipment
- Glorious Hiram Guardian Equipment
- Disciple's Equipment
- -
Level / Skillset - Ancestral Level / No Skillset Limits
Lunagem ■ Open
- Honor Point Lunagem +3
- Splendid Lunagem
- ■ Open
- Honor Point Lunagem +4
Region ■ Open
- Eastern Hiram Mountains
- -
Raids ■ Open
- Kraken
- -
Design ■ Open
- Erenor Awakening Scroll
- Holy Erenor Awakening Scroll
- Brilliant Hiram Awakening Scroll
- Mistsong Awakening Scroll
- Deranged Bookroom's Brilliant Hiram Awakening Scroll
- -
Faction Arena - ■ Open
- Golden Plains Battle (Independent)
Dungeons ■ Open
- Noryette Challenge (Independent)
- Mistsong Summit (Independent)
- Serpentis (Independent)
- Sea of Drowned Love (Independent)
- Greater Dungeon (Independent)
- Ayanad Library 3F (Independent)
■ Open
- Red Dragon's Keep (Independent)
■ Open
- Kadum (Independent)
Arena - - ■ Open
- Dimensional Boundary Defense Raid (Independent)
Main Content ■ Open
- Chronicle Quests
- -
Farmhand ■ Open
- Farmhand Max Level: 20
- -
Event - - -
Housing Province ■ Open
- December 23 (Fri), 2022, 21:00 UTC+8
- -

New Server Open Disclaimer
1. Arena & Dungeon Matchmaking Servers
Instances Existing Servers New Server
Sparring Arena Cross-Server Unavailable at Open
Gladiator Arena
Drill Camp Arena
Free-For-All Arena
Golden Plains Battle Independent Matchmaking
Abyssal Library
Red Dragon's Keep
The Fall of Hiram City
Noryette Challenge
Mistsong Banquet
Hereafter Rebellion
Sea of Drowned Love
Black Thorn Prison
Greater Dungeon

2. Auction Settings
Daeior Independent
SpellDance Cross-Server

3. Housing Region Limitation
  • Housing placement in the housing province is restricted after the server is opened, and placement will be available from Friday, December 23, 2022 at 21:00 UTC+8.

4. Character Server Transfer
  • Server transfer between the new server and existing servers is unavailable.
  • Opening of server transfer will be announced at a later date.

5. Marketplace & Patron Item Limitations
  • Some Marketplace items will not be available in the new server.
  • New items added after the server opens may also be limited until further notice.
  • Limited Items
#The above limited item list is just a part of the actual list. More items will be limited in-game.
Shop Items
Archelife Package Shop Archelife 365 Package – Beanstalk House
Archelife 90 Package – Solarium Building Ticket
Marketplace Rampage Series
Language Proficiency Spellbook
Weapon/Armor Anchoring Tempering Charms
Splendid Weapon/Armor Type Conversion Scrolls
Character Slot Expansion Scroll
Paid Building Designs

6. Nuia/Haranya Expanded Peace Zones
  • To ensure a smoother leveling experience, the below regions will become Peace Zones until December 29 (Thu), 2022.
  • Nuia: Halcyona, Hellswamp, Sanddeep, Karkasse Ridgelands
  • Haranya: Rookborne Basin, Windscour Savannah, Perinoor Ruins, Hasla

7. Fresh Start Exclusive Package
  • Sales Period: Dec 1 – TBA
  • Can be purchased from the Web Shop, once per account.
Archelife 30 Pakage – Daeior Package (39,000 25,000 XL Cash)(edited 12/13) Type
Contents Archelife 30 Days x 1 Bind on Pickup 
ArcheBlessing: 30 Days x 1
Manastorm Crystal x 20
Expansion Scroll x 5
War Tiger Crate x 1

We hope you look forward to the opening of the new Daeior servers. 
We will do our best to provide the best gaming environment not only for the new server, but also for players of existing servers.
Thank you.