[Event] ArcheAge Hirnor Global UCC FestivalEvent

2023-01-12 14:20
Hello, Inheritors. 
ArcheAge Hirnor Global UCC Festival runs from January 12th (Thu)!
Event details and information including schedule, participation, and rewards are shown below.  
Prepare yourself for this amazing event by looking for the following!

Event Schedule

Period: After January 12, 2023 Maintenance ~ Before February 2, 2023 Maintenance

How to Participate

① Post the UCC image upload on [Homepage > community] for the event.
※ For Verification, the post should contain UCC image with the name of character and server, in-game screenshot with character name.
UCC Winner Notice 
On February 20th (Mon), there will be a notice about the Asia-server UCC winner.
※ Korea, Japan, China, North America, Europe, and Asia region can participate in this festival, and a total of 35 artworks will be selected. 
UCC Artwork Submission 
XLGAMES will request artwork image files only from February 20th (Mon) to February 27th (Mon).
After this week, rewarded artworks will also be excluded. Be aware of the collection period for UCC artwork.
Global Winner Announcement and In-game Exhibition
The winners of all countries and dates of the in-game exhibitions will be announced in April. 
UCC Exhibition Sales and Revenue
※ The displayed artworks can be bought with 4 gold.  
※ Each Frame revenue will be converted into gold coins and paid to the player.
- 2 gold coins for each frame
※ After exhibition, the most sold UCC artworks are ranked and sales ranking reward will be paid.  
- Both sales rank reward and revenue will be paid after this exhibition within 18:00 (UTC+8) on May 18 (Thu)

Event Reward

Participation Reward 
Item name Quantity
Sketchy(Title) 1
Happy Little Hairdo 1

Winner Reward 
Item name Quantity
Master Painter(Title) 1
100,000 XL Cash 1
# Each of the above rewards is given to a total of 35 winners from 7 countries

Top Sales Reward 
Rank Item name Quantity
1st winner Mid-Journey Master(Title) 1
2nd winner
3rd winner
# 3 out of 35 winners from 7 countries are selected and the above rewards are given
# Top sales rewards are paid separately from winner rewards


  1. UCC artworks are only selected from images posted on community tab. 
  2. All rewards are provided only once, and will not be restored for any reason such as non-receipt or deletion.  
  3. It is possible to post multiple UCC entries, but the reward is allowed only once. 
  4. Winners will be contacted individually to secure the original image.
  5. Posts without a character name and server name will be excluded from participation as well as reward lists.
  6. All artworks will be chosen with fair judgment through votes and company standards. 
  7. Contest and reward dates may change according to progress by region. 
  8. Artworks that involve extreme content, violence, or social criticism will be excluded from judgment.  
  9. The event posts need to abide by the Terms of Service, and participating may be canceled if this is violated. 
  10. Artworks selected by region must submit the original image after the winners’ notice. Refer to the notice for more details. 
  11. If there is plagiarism or artworks submitted to other companies’ contests are found, the award will be taken back even after the winners’ notice is posted. (You must submit your original artwork)
  12. XLGAMES may reproduce, distribute, and send only artworks submitted and process them for promotions or use them in loading images, calendar, event pages, etc.
  13. Applicants may use the Archeage subject to submit artwork design only for the contest, but not use, send, or distribute the artwork for other purposes. 
  14. The award can be given more or canceled according to the number and quality of submitted artworks, and only those that qualify the company’s standards will be awarded. 
  15. The event reward item will be given through the selected account’s coupon box, and it must be used within 30 days. It will not be given again after the date expires. 
  16. Free event cash by region follows the Korean server's tandard and it will not be refunded. 
  17. The payment for chosen artworks will be given through the character’s mailbox. 
  18. Other event related matters maybe answered from the 1:1 ticket.