[Event] Ahnimar Sporty DayEvent

2023-01-16 14:00
Hello, Inheritors. 
Prepare yourself for this amazing event by looking for the following!

Event Schedule

Period: After January 12, 2023 Maintenance ~ Before February 2, 2023 Maintenance


Apply through Instance > Arena > "Ahnimar Sporty Day" during the event period.
Type Details
How to Enter Instance>Arena
Entry Period Everyday 10:00~23:50 UTC +8
Entry Qualification Over LV. 55
Number of Participants 12~16 People
Number of Entry Restriction None(Can receive reward only 1 time everyday)
Participation Time Takes 6 minutes after Arena begins

How to Participate 

Order Process Details
1 Begin Race The race begins when the barrier is removed after 20 seconds.
2 Enter Final Area The final area appears when the 4 routes are passed in order.
3 Receive Event Coin "Ahnimar Sporty Day Coins" are given according to the race rank.
4 Trade Reward at Exchanger Coins can be traded with rewards at the Exchanger in front of each faction base.

Event Reward

Number of Ahnimar Sporty Day Coins received according to the Race Rank/Points.
Reward Image Item Name Notes
Ahnimar Sporty Day Coin Coins are given to challengers who arrive at the final area
after passing numerous obstacles in Ahnimar.
  • Disappears at February 9, 2023 Maintenance
Rank Points and Rewards on the Final Area
Rank Points Received Ahnimar Sporty Day Coin Rewards
1 30 30
2 28 28
3 26 26
4 24 24
9 22 22
12 20 20
15 18 18

You can trade Ahnimar Sporty Day Coins with various items at the Exchanger located in each faction base.
  • "Ahnimar Sporty Day Exchanger" will appear in Marianople, Austera, and Growlgate Isle.
Reward Image Item Name Quantity Number of Coins Needed Bind Type
Panda Bathtub 1 200 Bound on pickup
Potted Palm 1 40
Wrapped Office Furniture Pack 1 180
Winter Globe 1 100
Daroccoli Tree 1 50
Hoverbloom Flower 1 50
Purple Rug 1 70
Custom Office Nameplate 1 50
Custom Monitor 1 50
Bound Serendipity Stone 1 60
Bound Resplendent Tempering Crate 1 50
Auroran Synthesis Stone Crate 1 30
Honorforged Medal 1 8
Luna Charm Rank 1 1 6
Decrystallization Scroll 1 10
Hiram Awakening Scroll 10 5
Radiant Hiram Awakening Scroll 5 5
Brilliant Hiram Awakening Scroll 3 5
Bound Labor Recharger 1 12
Radiant Infusion Supply Kit 5 5


Achievement Name Details Reward Image Title Name
Froggy Participate in the event eagerly to acquire hidden achievements. Title : Froggy
Unstoppable Title : Never Stop
Finishing the Race is Enough Title : Starting is Half the Battle
If Only I Had a Head Start Title : I Won't Lose Next Time
Rankings Matter Title : Ranked
When Will Everyone Else Finish? Title : Pity Those Who Never Won 1st Place
You Deserve a High Five Coupe and Tulip : Weapon Chest


  1. Only players over LV.55 can participate in the Ahnimar Sporty Day, and the entry resets at 00:00 UTC +8 everyday. 
  2. Buffs other than certain items as Labor Regen may be removed when entering the event.
  3. Ahnimar Sporty Day Coin and Exchanger will disappear with the February 9, 2023 Maintenance.
  4. All event items is bound when received and will not be restored.
  5. When the character is in "Away" status during the event (including beginning and end time), the reward may not be given.