[Notice] Daeior Server ‘Different Regions, Same Faction!’ Event ResultsNotice

2023-01-17 15:00
This is ArcheAge.
Daeior Server Event results for ‘Different Regions, Same Faction!’ held on December 29, 2022 Maintenance ~ January 12, 2023 Maintenance are shown below.

Event Results

Alliance ‘Golden Plains Battle’ number of wins by Nation
Type Nuia Alliance Haranya Alliance
Number of Wins 109 139
※ According to the result above, Haranya Alliance won the battle.

Alliance ‘Golden Plains Battle’ win rate by Nation
Type Nuia Alliance Haranya Alliance
KOR 46% 54%
SEA 39% 61%
NA 81% 19%
EU 0% 100%
Overall win rate 44% 56%

Event Rewards
Type Reward Reward Date
(Victors Title)
NPC Synthesis Fairy Jake appears in the Faction base Appears for 1 week after Feburary 2, 2023 Maintenance
All Nations
ArchePass Upgrade Ticket (x1) Given in order within January 18, 2023 17:00 UTC+8
※ Victors Rewards will be distributed when the ‘Jake’s Blessing’ effect given as the server’s benefit disappears among the majority. 


  1. This event was only held in ‘Daeior’ Server of KOR/SEA/NA/EU.
  2. ‘Daeior’ rewards will be sent to the official website coupon box, and only ‘Daeior’ players can use it.
  3. The coupon sent needs to be used within 30 days after receiving, and will not be restored when it expires. 
  4. All Nations Participation Rewards will be distributed to only Daeior players who participated in the Golden Plains Battle.

We thank all inheritors who participated in the event,
and we will also prepare other content and events to interact with inheritors of various nations and provide notice.  
Thank you.