Patch Note January 19, 2023(Part.1)Update

2023-01-18 20:30

Hello, Heroes of Erenor! 
Please read the details of the patch notes on January 19, 2023 below.


  • Removed restriction of contents below in Daeior.

 -Design: Disciple's Awakening Scroll
Abyssal Library Fourth Floor, Hereafter Rebellion

  • Improved the use of event item 'Eternal Enhancer Crate' to be able to receive many amounts at once.
  • Improved the disappearance of NPC when players become crowded during gameplay. 
 -We improved the disappearance of boss monster and NPC due to the rendering issue of many players in a certain area
      during gameplay. The applied contents are shown below:
 -Crimson Rift: Hound of Kyrios
Grimghast Rift: Nightmare Bowstring, Nightmare Blade
 -Aegis Island: Ipnysh Guardian Spirit
 -We are also planning to improve this for NPC related to quest acceptance and completion.
      However, these NPC have particular appearances by race, so there could be system overload issues when changed altogether.
      We are still considering this improvement in the future. 

  • Added role option in the Raid.
 -We improved the selection variety of role options by expanding them among classes in raids.
 -Before: Attacker / Defender / Healer / Undecided
 -After: Attacker(Melee) / Dealer(Range) / Defender / Healer Undecided
  • Added warning related to equipping cost of Glorious Lunagems in the item tooltip. 
 -We received comments on not being aware of the equipping cost of Lunagems according to the equipment awakening
      and points. Therefore, we added a warning on the Lunagem item tooltip as below:
 -Warning: The equipping cost increases according to equipment points and the number of lunagems attached.
  • Added feature that activates all missions.
 -We added ‘Open All’ feature to each mission UI to improve the process of opening each mission every day.
      The applied contents are shown below:
 -Daily Contracts / ArchePass / Family Quest / Individual guild mission / Hero Mission
  • Changed conditions for Akasch Invasion: Victory.
 -We received comments on the difficulty of the inheritor faction winning in the Akasch Invasion due to the fairly low number
      of participants. The changed winning conditions are shown below:
 -Defeat Akasch: 180pt. -> 300pt.
 -Complete quest related to Akasch Invasion: 3pt. -> 15pt.
 -Winning Condition: 15,000pt. -> 12,000pt.
 -Defeat inheritors to obtain Akasch faction points: 8pt. -> 10pt.
 -We await many inheritors for participation as we will continue to manage and improve the Akasch Invasion.
  • Added refresh feature of goods in 'Akasch Token Merchant' shop.
 -We added the feature that can be done by consuming 1 'Ewan's Rune Rank 1.' Comments were given on
     'Akasch Token Merchant' shop which appeared after winning 'Akasch Invasion' that it was not used because items needed
     did not appear.
However, the maximum refresh amount is 50, and the feature becomes deactivated when the max. number is reached.
  • Changed installation of buildings as mailbox and warehouse to be unavailable when the Black Dragon is in Aura status.
 -The Black Dragon will also destroy these buildings nearby when certain skills are used. 

  • Changed notice to appear that can directly show the Skills-Proficiency Window when Proficiency maximum is reached. 



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Coupe and Tulip: Weapon Crate that could not be sold to stores.

  • Fixed: Moving Effect of Dahuta's Breath during Dance of Sacrifice.
  • Fixed: Abnormal leap of mounts during a certain situation. 
  • Fixed: Misspelt parts in arena description of event 'Ahnimar Sporty Day.’
  • Fixed: Disappearance of NPC related to Zodiac located in Mirage Isle.
  • Fixed: Receiving 'Arena Deserter Punishment' debuff in the Decorated Warrior Lobby.
  • Fixed: Moving back to the start point with 'Cannot jump until the end' effect during 'Ahnimar Sporty Day.'

Please click the following link for patch notes on January 19, 2023 part 2. ( Link )