[Event] Sanddeep Seajoy Banquet Hall (added 1/31)Event

2023-01-19 10:00

Event Schedule

Period : After January 19, 2023 Maintenance ~ Before February 2, 2023 Maintenance

How to Participate

Celebrate the New Years in Seajoy Banquet Hall on Sanddeep Coral Plains.
Sanddeep area changes into Peace status during the event period.

Event Quests

Daily Quest
Quest Name Details Image Reward
Welcome to the Banquet Cruise.
  1. Receive Quest from 'Banquet Cruise Promoter Jake.'
  2. Talk to NPC Banquet Cruise Promoter Jake.'
  3. The quest completes automatically.
※ Can be only completed 1 time.
Garden Elixir x1
Wanna Play Rock, Paper, Scissors?
  1. Receive Quest from 'Rock, Paper, Scissors Abe.'
  2. Select 'Rock, Paper, Scissors Abe,'
    and type '/Rock /Paper /Scissors' in the chat window.
※ Can be received after completing Welcome to the Banquet Cruise.' quest.
※ Inheritors will always win.
Banquet Cruise Coin x1
Not Enough Ingredients
  1. Receive Quest from 'Banquet Cruise Cook Hari.'
  2. Deliver 20 items below to NPC 'Banquet Cruise Cook Hari'
    「Chopped Produce/Ground Spices/Trimmed Meat」 (Pick 1).
※ Can be received after completing 'Welcome to the Banquet Cruise' quest.
Banquet Cruise Coin x1
Fireworks in the
Night Sky
  1. Receive Quest from 'Banquet Cruise Host Cackle.'
  2. Ignite 1 Fireworks Bundle.
※ Can be received after completing 'Welcome to the Banquet Cruise' quest.
※ 'Banquet Cruise Host Cackle' appears on live for 30 min. on 2:00, 6:00, 10:00, 14:00, 18:00, 22:00 UTC +8.
※ Uses 4 gunpowders when ignited. 
Banquet Cruise Coin x3
Repeatable Quest
Quest Name Details Image Reward
Party Up!
  1. Receive Quest from 'Banquet Cruise Host Cackle.'
  2. Complete the quest after following the dance move that appears as World Message 15 times accumulatively.
※ Quest appears when fireworks are lighted (after 100 Fireworks Bundles are ignited). (edited 1/20)
※ 'Banquet Cruise Host Cackle' appears on live for 30 min. on 2:00, 6:00, 10:00, 14:00, 18:00, 22:00 UTC +8 and it can be played for 20 minutes.
※ When the same skill from the message is used, 1 stack increases in the character buff section. If the same skill was not used, 1 stack decreases.
Honorable Potion Crate: Rank 7 (x1)
※ 'Fireworks in the Night Sky' quest must be received beforehand to proceed. (added 1/19)
※ If the banquet does not begin due to the lack of fireworks bundles ignited, the recorded amount remains until the next schedule. (Reset at maintenance) (added 1/20)
Event Rewards

You can receive rewards below when you use 'Banquet Cruise Coin' at 'Banquet Cruise Coin Exchanger.'
Image Reward Name Quantity Number of Coins Needed Bind Type
Bound Hereafter Stone 5 1 Bound on pickup
Bound Tax Certificate 10 3
ArchePass XP Boost 1 7
Luna Charm Rank 1 4 9
Honorforged Medal 4 12
Manastorm Crystal 30 15
Bound Resplendent Tempering Crate 1 18
Bound Grand Weapon Type Conversion Scroll 1 28
Bound Grand Armor Type Conversion Scroll 1 20
Abundant Pouch of Prosperity 1 30
Race Change Elixir: 15 Days 1 30
Glorious Hiram Guardian Weapon Crate: Eternal 1 35
Serendipity Stone Crate 1 40
Bound Lucent Serendipity Stone 1 50
Garden Tempering Charm of Luck 1 55


Achievement Name Details Reward Image Title Name
Starry Night Sky Participate in the event eagerly to acquire hidden achievements. Title:Flaming
Star of the Banquet Title:I'm the Star! 
Icon:Star-Shaped Badge
Special Banquet Gift Image Item:Garden Gatekeeper
※ Alleviated condition of completing certain hidden achievement in the event. (added 1/31)
   - Please take into account that the details cannot be notified as it is hidden. 
   - When the condition is met during the event, the achievement is automatically acquired and reward is given after the scheduled maintenance. 


  1. Only players over LV.55 can receive the daily quest, and it resets at 00:00 UTC +8 everyday. 
  2. 'Banquet Cruise Coin' and 'Banquet Cruise Coin Exchanger' will disappear with the February 2, 2023 Maintenance.
  3. All event items will not be restored.