[Event] ArcheAge X NOUHAUS Promotion (added 1/31)Event

2023-01-19 10:00
Event Schedule

Period: After January 19, 2023 Maintenance ~ Before February 2, 2023 Maintenance

How to Participate

Order Process Details
1   Enter Mirage Isle to get daily quest ("Refresh Me!") from ‘Tired Worker’ NPC and accept two quests.

※ Only players over Lv. 55 can participate once a day
2 Quest Click ‘NOUHAUS Helper’ NPC in NOUHAUS experience zone, type /waving on the chat, and listen to NOUHAUS brand story.
3 Test Recliner Luna in NOUHAUS experience zone.

※ You can sit for 10 seconds and 150 labor will be restored through interaction.
4   After two quests are completed, go to ‘Tired Worker’ and it will be completed.
#. The quest can only be completed once by each character. (added 1/20)

Event Reward


1. Manastorm Crystal is given and the amount is randomly selected from 1 to 10.

NOUHAUS Cash Items

1. You can purchase ‘NOUHAUS Relaxation Bundle’ in the cash shop

2. ‘NOUHAUS Relaxation Bundle’ 
  • NOUHAUS Relaxation Mission: NOUHAUS Box: Item to start quest.
    ※  Cannot open 'NOUHAUS Relaxation Bundle' when NOUHAUS Box is in the inventory. (added 1/31)
  • Recliner Luna Selection Box: item owner can restore 150 labor by sleeping.
    ※  Labor is not restored if you are in clear mind state.
  • NOUHAUS Nuage Premium Recliner Leather Sofa: ‘Drowsy’ buff received through sofa interaction.
  • NOUHAUS Fredonner Bluetooth Speaker Side Table: Clear mind effect clears when Bluetooth speaker side table plays pleasant music.
    ※ Hotspring Pond and Halloween Tombstone cannot be used at the same time.
  • Sheep Sleep Hat: ArcheAge sheep sleep hat helps sleeping.

3. NOUHAUS Relaxation Mission
  • Quest clears when NOUHAUS Box, a reward for ‘Refresh Me!’ is used. 
  • Quest Reward: Manastorm Crystal 30.


  1. Only players over LV.55 can participate in "Refresh Me!" Quest.
  2. All event items will not be restored.
  3. ‘NOUHAUS Box’ will be deleted on the February 2, 2023 maintenance when it is unused.