[Event] Love Researcher's Special Chocolate (edited 2/9)Event

2023-02-02 10:00

Event Schedule

Period:After February 2, 2023 Maintenance ~ Before February 16, 2023 Maintenance

How to Participate

You can proceed with the daily quest when you visit NPC 'Love Researcher' at Marianople, Austera, Growlgate Isle.

Event Details

  1. The quest is instantly completed when you accept the quest, and will receive Magical Cacao Sapling in your inventory(Shortcut Key:i ) (edited 2/9)
  2. You can plant the 'Magical Cacao Sapling' on the field or your house/garden.
  3. The planted sapling grows for 10 sec. and you can receive 1 Magical Cacao Fruit when you gather the grown one. (Consumes 5 labor when gathered)
  4. You can process the gathered fruit with 1 Blue Salt Knife, and processing consumes 1 labor.
    (Receives 1 Milk Chocolate and 3 Magical Cacao Seed)
  5. Milk Chocolate received through process can be given by clicking another player, or given to Love Researcher to express your heart.
  6. You can exchange Magical Cacao Seed with items from the Magical Cacao Seed Exchanger constructed nearby the NPC.
Daily Quest Name Reward Image Reward Name
Magical Fruit of Love
(Level Condition : Over LV. 55)
Manastorm Crystal x2

Item Effects

Effects given when Milk Chocolate is used.
Image Item Name Details
Milk Chocolate Received when the chocolate is given to others.
  • Restores 5 labor every 5 min. for 60 min.
  • The remaining time decreases even when logged off.
Charming Chocolate Received when the chocolate is given to Love Researcher.
  • Restores 5 labor every 5 min. for 60 min.
  • The remaining time decreases even when logged off.

Event Rewards

Items able to exchange from Magical Cacao Seed.
Image Item Name Quantity Quantity Needed to Exchange
 Bound Hereafter Stone 3 1
Honorable Potion Crate: Rank 5 1 3
Luna Charm Rank 1 1 4
Honorforged Medal 1 5
Auroran Synthesis Box 1 12
Decrystallization Scroll 1 20
Manastorm Crystal 3 5
Bound Serendipity Stone 1 25
Bound Worn Costume Crate 1 25
Bound Anchoring Tempering Charm Box 1 35


Participate in the event to complete achievements and receive rewards.
Name Achievement Condition Reward Image Reward Name
Magical Fruit Complete 'Magical Fruit of Love' Quest
7 times.
Manastorm Crystal x20
Sweet Giver Participate in the event eagerly to acquire hidden achievements. Can receive Special Quest
Too Popular Title:So Charming
(Rank : Lv. 2)
Pounding Heart Title : Archmage
( Rank : Lv. 3 )
Icon:Mage Hat

Special Quest
Reward Image Reward Name Quest Details
Image Item:Passionate Red Ribbon Outfit Can receive the reward when you complete the special quest after acquiring 'Sweet Giver' achievement.


  1. All daily quests can be received by players over LV. 55, and will be reset on 0:00 UTC+8.
  2. The quest is automatically completed when the Magical Cacao Sapling is planted. It will disappear after 10 min. when it is all grown, and 'Magical Cacao Fruit' cannot be received. Please take this into account in gameplay.
  3. Love Researcher, Magical Cacao Sapling, Magical Cacao Fruit, Milk Chocolate will disappear at the February 16, 2023 Maintenance.
  4. Magical Cacao Seed, Magical Cacao Seed Exchanger will disappear at the February 23, 2023 Maintenance.
  5. All event items will not be restored.