[Event] Royal Archivist MissionEvent

2023-02-16 11:00

Event Schedule

Period:After February 16, 2023 Maintenance ~ Before March 2, 2023 Maintenance

How to Participate

‘Royal Archivist Daily Mission: 1 Day’ can be purchased for free in [Marketplace(N) > Main > Event] during the event. (1 time daily per account)
  • 1 daily quest item will be randomly received and be able to proceed out of 4 daily quest items when Item ‘Royal Archivist Daily Mission: 1 Day’ is used. (For players over LV. 55)
  • ’Royal Archivist Daily Mission: 1 Day’ and all Mission Items will disappear after 1 day from the date received.
Royal Archivist Daily Mission
Mission Name Mission Details Image Reward Name
Royal Archivist Mission: Honor Points Obtain 2,000 Honor Points Manastorm Crystal (x7)
Royal Archivist Mission: Vocation Badges Earn 2,000 Vocation Badges
Royal Archivist Mission: Use Labor Spend 2,000 Labor
Royal Archivist Mission: Defeat Monsters Kill 30 monsters over LV. 55

Event Reward

Additional Coupon rewards are given according to the number of completed ‘Royal Archivist Daily Mission’ during the event. 
  • Reward Distribution Date: Within March 3, 2023 18:00 UTC+8 in order
  • Coupon Expiration Period: Within 30 days of the date sent
Number of Completed Missions Image Reward Name
1~3 times ArchePass XP Boost (x6)
4~6 times ArchePass XP Boost (x18)
7~9 times ArchePass XP Boost (x24)
Above 10 ArchePass XP Boost (x36)


  1. All daily quests can be accepted by players over LV. 55, and reset everyday at 0:00 UTC+8.
  2. Item ‘Royal Archivist Daily Mission: 1 Day’ cannot be used when Item ‘Royal Archivist Mission: Honor Points/Vocation Badges/Use Labor/Defeat Monsters’ is in hold.
  3. If the Royal Archivist Mission is in progress or completed, Item ‘Royal Archivist Daily Mission: 1 Day’ cannot be used.
  4. Coupon received through reward needs to be used within 30 days of the date sent, and will be deleted when the period expires. 
  5. All event items will not be restored.