[Event] Pawesome FestivalEvent

2023-03-09 10:00

Event Schedule

Period:After March 9, 2023 Maintenance ~ Before March 30, 2023 Maintenance


How to Participate

Location: Windscour Savannah
  • Area becomes peace zone as it is the festival area.
  • Worldgate to the event area can be found at Marianople, Austera, and Diamond Shores.

Event Details

Receive animals as reward after completing the main festival's daily quest in the festival area by raising 1 Frail Young Animal out of 8 types healthy.
The animal type that can be received are shown below:
Number Image Before Growth After Growth
1 Frail Calico Housepet Healthy Calico Housepet
2 Frail Seal-Point Housepet Healthy Seal-Point Housepet
3 Frail Gray Tabby Housepet Healthy Gray Tabby Housepet
4 Frail Orange Tabby Housepet Healthy Orange Tabby Housepet
5 Frail Black Cat Housepet Healthy Black Cat Housepet
6 Frail Puppy Housepet Healthy Puppy Housepet
7 Frail Yata Calf Housepet Healthy Yata Calf Housepet
8 Frail Elk Calf Housepet Healthy Elk Calf Housepet

A Kindly Caretaker
① Accept quest from Nairamdal in festival area.
② Bring one Frail Young Animal from the tent in festival area and return to Nairamdal.
③ Can receive 1 Festival Coin when the quest is complete.
  • Different Frail Housepets await you in both the left and right tents. Take a look at the both tents and choose your favorite one.

Friendship to Frail Housepet
① You need to raise the animal you brought among the Frail Young Animals of previous quest from Nairamdal to become healthy.
  • Items needed to take care of frail animals become different according to the animal's condition.
  • 5 Ground Grains are needed to feed Hungry Young Animals.
  • 1 Water is needed to clean Dirty Young Animals.
  • 1 Young Animal Tonic is needed to cure Sick Young Animals. (Can receive after accepting the quest)
  • No item is needed to play with Bored Young Animals.
② Return to Nairamdal with the Healthy Young Animal with you.
③ Can receive the particular animal and 3 Festival Coins when the quest is complete.
  • The animal can be raised by placing it in the house as it is categorized as furniture item.
  • All animals grow to a total of 4 types, and its probability differs according to how the player takes care of it.
  • The 5 types of cats received in the previous festival can also be raised. 
Image Before Growth Image After Growth
Young Calico Housepet Calico Housepet
Witchy Calico Housepet
Inbox Calico Housepet
Pirate Calico Housepet
Young Seal-Point Housepet Seal-Point Housepet
Witchy Seal-Point Housepet
Inbox Seal-Point Housepet
Pirate Seal-Point Housepet
Young Gray Tabby Housepet Gray Tabby Housepet
Witchy Gray Tabby Housepet
Inbox Gray Tabby Housepet
Pirate Gray Tabby Housepet
Young Orange Tabby Housepet Orange Tabby Housepet
Witchy Orange Tabby Housepet
Inbox Orange Tabby Housepet
Pirate Orange Tabby Housepet
Young Black Cat Housepet Black Cat Housepet
Witchy Black Cat Housepet
Inbox Black Cat Housepet
Pirate Black Cat Housepet
Gray Wolfhound Puppy Housepet Gray Wolfhound Housepet
Courageous Gray Wolfhound Housepet
Milkman Gray Wolfhound Housepet
Hotdog Gray Wolfhound Housepet
Brown Yata Calf Housepet Brown Yata Housepet
Messenger Brown Yata Housepet
Pacified Brown Yata Housepet
Red Hood Brown Yata Housepet
Green Elk Calf Housepet Wild Elk Calf
Sheepish Green Elk Housepet
Pink Hat Green Elk Housepet
Mouse Hat Green Elk Housepet
Welsh Corgi Pup Welsh Corgi
Pilot Corgi
Pirate Corgi
Inbread Corgi
Got Ingots?
① Accept quest from Ranchhand Jack wandering around with the dairy cow nearby the festival area.
② Deliver 50 Iron Ingot to Ranchhand Jack.
③ Can receive 5 Festival Coins when quest is complete.

Repeatable Quest-Animal Placement Program

① Can proceed with the quest from NPC Tarkir within the festival area (Can proceed 3 times per daily)
  • Every 14:00, 19:00, 24:00 UTC+8 for one hour. 
② Bring Stray Elk and Yata Calf Housepet (by wearing pack) that strayed from the animal herd to Windheart Lake and report to NPC Sarar nearby.
③ You can receive 2 Festival Coins when you complete the quest.


Can exchange all festival items including the list below with fesitval coins.
Image Reward Name Details Items Needed
Pet Leash Leash put on pet for walks. Festival Coin (x30)
Tufted Pet Tower Furniture able to place inside the house. Festival Coin (x30)
Cozy Pet Bed Festival Coin (x30)
Playful Pet Cushion Festival Coin (x30)
Large Crest Yata Plushie Crest Yata Plushie

Festival Coin (x25)
Crest Yata Plushie Small Crest Yata Plushie

Festival Coin (x20)
Small Crest Yata Plushie Festival Coin (x10)
Large Owl Plushie Owl Plushie

Festival Coin (x25)
Owl Plushie Small Owl Plushie

Festival Coin (x20)
Small Owl Plushie Festival Coin (x10)
Decorative Yata Flute Yata Flute

Festival Coin (x10)
Animal Friend Picture Crate Animal Friend Painting Decoration. Festival Coin (x10)
Crest Egg Furniture able to place inside and outside the house. Festival Coin (x30)
Crest Nest Festival Coin (x30)
Red Button Cushion Festival Coin (x30)
Yellow Button Cushion Festival Coin (x30)
Orange Polka Dot Button Cushion Festival Coin (x30)
Mint Striped Button Cushion Festival Coin (x30)

  1. All daily quests are reset everyday at 0:00 UTC+8.
  2. All festival NPC will disappear at the March 30, 2023 Maintenance.
  3. All event items will not be restored when destroyed.
  4. Festival Gift Exchanger will disappear from Windscour Savannah after the festival period ends, and will remain at Mirage Isle.