Patch Note March 2, 2023Update

2023-03-02 10:00

Hello, Heroes of Erenor! 
Please read the details of the patch notes on March 2, 2023 below.


  • The event 'Sweet Love-filled Gift' will start. (~2023-03-16 maintenance)

 -You can proceed with the daily mission from NPC 'Rabbit-Disguised Firran' at the city. (Marianople, Austera, Growlgate Isle) (For players over LV. 55)

 -Accept the quest, craft 'Candy Bundle' and deliver it to NPC 'Rabbit-Disguised Firran.'

 -Can gain special effect when you deliver 'Candy Bundle With Letter' received from completing the quest to another player.


 [Contents - Improvements]
  • Added condition to Wheeled Mortar/Fire/Ironclad when using 'Change to Siege Mode' skill.

 -Reliance on steamtanks, especially with 'Seige Ammo' are currently high in most contents. The overall process is becoming quite dull due to this. Therefore, we added condition to Wheeled Mortar/Fire/Ironclad when using 'Change to Siege Mode' skill as shown below to improve the situation.

 -Can only use during 'seige' or within the 'Mysthrane Gorge' area.
 -Contents that utilize steamtanks will be improved constantly.
  • Added 'Enchanting Tail' and 'Tempting Tail' in boss monster loot of NPC 'Aria(Hard Difficulty)' at 'Mistsong Summit' Instance.

 -We received many comments on wanting items 'Enchanting Tail' and 'Tempting Tail' that were only looted in lower difficulties of NPC Aria. The items will now also be available at the Hard Difficulty.

  • Increased the health of Jola the Cursed, Meina, and Glenn.

Cash Shop

Began discount in Consumables products in Marketplace. (~2023-03-09 maintenance)
  ※ Can be purchased from Marketplace(N) > Consumables
      -Certain products are excluded from the discount 

Added special products that can be bought with XL Cash. 
(~2023-03-09 maintenance)
 -Bound Labor Recharger (x50) (2 per account)
 -Manastorm Crystal (x200) + (Bonus) Loyalty Token (x500) (1 per account)
 -Wrapped Building Management Title (x10) (2 per account)
 -Black Fledgling Phoenix + (Bonus) Manastorm Crystal (x50) (1 per account)
  ※ Can be purchased from Marketplace(N) > Main > Special
Added Monthly Offers products for March. (~2023-04-06 maintenance)
 -Manastorm Crystal (x100) (1 per account)
 -Equipment Improvement Bundle + (Bonus) Manastorm Crystal (x150) (1 per account)
 -Daru's Pump-Up Bundle + (Bonus) Free XL Cash Pouch: 30,000 (1 per account)
 -Essentials Crate (1 per account)
  ※ Monthly Offers products can be purchased 1 time each month,
         and are newly available with refreshed items on the first week of maintenance every month.

Added ArcheLife Exclusive products that can be bought with XL Cash. (~2023-04-06 maintenance)
 -Wrapped 15-Day Mission of Daru: Great Worker (1 per account)
 -Bound Resplendent Weapon Anchoring Tempering Charm (1 per account) (Restricted in Daeior)
 -Bound Resplendent Armor Anchoring Tempering Charm (x2) (2 per account) (Restricted in Daeior)
 -Manastorm Crystal Bundle + (Bonus) 
Manastorm Crystal (x10) (1 per account) (Restricted in Daeior)
 -ArchePass XP Boost Bundle + (Bonus) Free XL Cash Pouch: 30,000 (1 per account)
 -Manastorm Box: Magical Gliders + (Bonus) Manastorm Crystal Bundle (3 per account) (~2023-03-09 maintenance)
  ※ Can be purchased from Marketplace(N) > Main > ArcheLife Exclusive


Removed restriction of products below that can be bought with XL Cash.
 -Stellar Scarecrow Farm Kit
 -Full Kit: Stellar Scarecrow Garden
  ※ Can be purchased from Marketplace(N) > Vocations > Housing
 -Seaside Slayer Weapon Model (17 types)
  ※ Can be purchased from Marketplace(N) > Appearance > Weapons

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Quest 'Defeat the Nightmare Glaive' not able to be accepted in Grimghast Rift.
  • Fixed: User not dying under certain condition when Purifying Archeum explodes.
  • Fixed: Item 'Purple Trampoline' not able to be installed.