[Event] Spring Marketplace Discount FestivalEvent

2023-03-02 10:00
Event Schedule

Period:After March 2, 2023 Maintenance ~ Before March 30, 2023 Maintenance (4 weeks)

Event Details

The discount applies by category every week as follows.
  • Certain products are excluded from the discount.
  • Please refer to the details of discount rate by product at ‘Marketplace (shortcut: N).'
Discount Period Category Discount Rate Main Products
After March 2, 2023 Maintenance ~
Before March 9, 2023 Maintenance
Consumables Max. 50%
  • Wrapped Serendipity Stone 

  • Weapon/Armor Anchoring Tempering Charm
  • Expansion Scroll
  • Basic/Advanced/Grand ArchePass Upgrade Ticket
After March 9, 2023 Maintenance ~
Before March 16, 2023 Maintenance
Vocations Max. 50%
  • Wrapped Building Management Title
  • Building Design
  • Otherworld Storage Chest
After March 16, 2023 Maintenance ~
Before March 23, 2023 Maintenance
Appearance Max. 60%
  • Vocation Costume
  • Rousing Rabbit Pajamas
  • Race Change Elixir: 30 Days
After March 23, 2023 Maintenance ~
Before March 30, 2023 Maintenance
Summons Max. 50%
  • Rampage Model
  • Celestar / Lunaris


  1. Products can be purchased at the Marketplace through 'XL Cash(Paid/Free),' and will all be delivered to the Marketplace Mail.
  2. Withdrawal(Cancel Purchase) will be restricted for items moved to the character's bag from the Marketplace Mail as they will be regarded as used items.
  3. Unused products after purchase can be cancelled within 7 days. However, restoration of XL Cash can be restricted for products bought or received as present according to the Operational Policy. 
  4. Cancel/Refund will be restricted for XL Cash converted from the Channeling Service (LINE POD).
  5. Certain products are excluded from the discount.
  6. Price per item amount was set according to the discount price of a single item.
  7. Submit 1:1 ticket through homepage if there are inquiries related to purchasing ArcheAge products.