Patch Note March 16, 2023Update

2023-03-16 10:00

Hello, Heroes of Erenor! 
Please read the details of the patch notes on March 16, 2023 below.


  • The event 'Pawesome Festival' will start. 

 -'Windscour Savannah' becomes peace zone during the event period.
 -You can move to 
Windscour Savannah by using Worldgate at Marianople, Austera, Growlgate Isle.


 [Contents - Improvements]
  • Adjusted Hero Respawn Point to not be able to use in 'Karkasse' area.

 -The purpose of implementing Hero Respawn Point to manage faction balance has not been functioning properly. We needed to improve the situation where it had been used to proceed certain raids as 'Black Dragon' with lower difficulty. Thus, we stopped the utilization of Hero Respawn Point in the 'Karkasse' area.

 -Managing Hero Respawn Point and faction balance will continue to be improved.

Cash Shop

Began discount in Appearance products in Marketplace. (~2023-03-23 maintenance)
  ※ Can be purchased from Marketplace(N) > Appearance
      -Certain products are excluded from the discount 

Added special products that can be bought with XL Cash. (~2023-03-23 maintenance)
 -ArchePass Support Bundle: Economy (1 per account)
 -ArchePass Support Bundle: Combo (1 per account)
 -ArchePass XP Boost (x6) (3 per account)
 -Bound Labor Recharger (x50) (1 per account)
 -Bound Tax Certificate (x1000) (1 per account)
  ※ Can be purchased from Marketplace(N) > Main > Special
Changed amount of 'Flaming Pinion' group products that can be bought with Divine Key.
 -Added group product Flaming Pinion (x50), (x100) 
 -Removed group product Flaming Pinion (x1) 

  ※ Can be purchased from Marketplace(N) > Awards > Divine Key


Removed restriction of products below that can be bought with XL Cash.
 -Wrapped Chadwick the Bold
 -Little Witch
 -Wrapped Pygmy Fiend

  ※ Can be purchased from Marketplace(N) > 
Summons > Battle Pet
 -All products in Appearance: Wardrobe Category
  ※ Can be purchased from Marketplace(N) > Appearance > Wardrobe