Patch Note April 6, 2023 ( Part. 1)Update

2023-04-06 10:00

Hello, Heroes of Erenor! 
Please read the details of the patch notes on April 6, 2023 below.


  • The Event 'Special Growth Gem' will start.
 -Can awaken Special Growth Gem by using Gem Upgrade Scroll received after logging in for 30 min. during the event period.
 -Can exchange Special Growth Gem after growth with rewards from Special Gem Exchanger placed at City, Growlgate Isle, and Diamond Shores.
  • The Event 'Lutesong Cherry Blossom Festival' will start.
 -'Villanelle' becomes peace zone during the festival period.
 -Can move to Villanelle festival area by using Worldgate at Marianople, Austera, Growlgate Isle, and Diamond Shores.

  • Lifted restrictions of contents below on Daeior Server.
 -Contents: Garden of the Gods (independent), Max. level of Farmhand.
 -Equipment: Hiram Guardian Equipment Awakening, Brilliant Erenor Equipment.
 -Design: Radiant Erenor Awakening Scroll, Blessed Erenor Awakening Scroll, Holy Erenor Awakening Scroll.

 [Contents - Improvement]
  • Improved disappearance of NPC during daily, weekly quest at Eastern/Western Hiram Mountains area due to players being crowded.

 -We improved the disappearance of quest accept/complete NPC at Eastern/Western Hiram Mountains area due to rendering issue with many players gathering to proceed with the main daily, weekly quest. The applied targets are shown below.

Area Location NPC
Eastern Hiram Mountains Hall of Warriors [Advance Party Leader]Lewia
Black Forest Camp [Forest Scout Leader]Soboron
Amaitan Meadows Camp [Meadows Scout Leader]Yagov
Waterfall Stairs Camp [Waterfall Scout Leader]Isora
Western Hiram Mountains Illusion Cave [Crimson Watch]Laugo
Hiram Cave [Crimson Watch]Encio
  • Adjusted schedule for ‘Lusca Awakening’ contents. 

 -Restored Wed./Fri. schedule of Lusca Awakening’ that had been removed due to schedule overlap issue on ‘Guardian Scramble’ contents update. Also adjusted its time to not overlap with ‘Guardian Scramble’ contents time as shown below.

    -Sun. ~ Thu.: 22:00
    -Fri. ~ Sat.: 23:00
 -Changed description of raid recruit according to the change in Lusca Awakening schedule.

  • Brightened color in certain parts of ground at Karkasse Ridgelands’ area.

 -We received comments on difficulty in distinguishing surface and ground at Red Dragon's Keep of ‘Karkasse Ridgelands’ area with Optimization mode on during Black Dragon raid. This is the place where many players gather around as the main conflict area. Therefore, we brightened the color of cliff part from before that meets the surface for adequate gameplay.


  [Manastorm Shop]
  • Adjusted price of 'Eagle Glider' at Manastorm Shop.
Before Manastorm Crystal x200
Manastorm Crystal x100
After Manastorm Crystal x160
Manastorm Crystal x80
      ※ Characters who purchased the above products with the previous price will be paid of the difference through mail in order after the maintenance.


  • Added 3 new types of ArchePass able to proceed.
ArchePass Type ArchePass Name Notes
Basic ArchePass Fresh Start I Can use until July 27, 2023 Maintenance.
Advanced ArchePass
Emberpaw Panther
Grand ArchePass Garden Tempering Charm of Luck


  • Changed basic benefit of new character.
Before Passionate Leap
After Great Inheritor Welcome Chest
  • Changed basic benefit of returning account.
Before Locked Homecoming Warrior Supply Pack
After Locked Homecoming Warrior Welcome Chest

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Duplicate rowboats placed at Caernord area.
  • Fixed: NPC location of Harani Race Quest 'The Middleman' guided wrong.
  • Fixed: Spelling in description for [Greater Dungeon Equipment] A Chilling Howl.
  • Fixed: Powerstone Pet motion appearing abnormal on certain situation when moving after summoning Powerstone Pet.

Please click the following link for patch notes on April 6, 2023 part 2. ( Link )