[Event] Mistsong Banquet (Part 1)Event

2023-04-13 09:58


Period:After April 13, 2023 Maintenance ~ Before May 4, 2023 Maintenance


Lethy called out for Taris by giving its soul as offering, but was stopped by inheritors. 
Lethy then plans to take revenge by abusing the Mistsong Border Worldgate that goes to Mistsong Summit.
The plan to go out to the world by invading the Worldgate and exterminate Crimson Watch!
Lethy created a subspace to create and train its Elite Guards with Anthalon's Power at Mistsong Summit.
Crimson Watch heard about this from the helper at Mistsong Summit,
and tries to block Lethy's Elite Guards from coming out to the world by installing Guardian Statue on the Worldgate opened at Mistsong Summit.
However, Lethy noticed the existence of Guardian Statue and assembled its Elite Guards at Mistsong Border to destroy the Guardian Statue.
Thus, Crimson Watch started to recruit helpers to block Lethy's Elite Guards that come in crowds. 
It is your duty to block Lethy's Elite Guards that come over to Mistsong Border along with protecting the Guardian Statue.

Basic Information

Section Details
Type Instance>Dungeon
Entry Period Everyday 24-hour available
Entry Condition 2 times daily(00:00 Reset)
Level Limit Over LV. 30
Entry Number 3 players
Time Limit 60 min.

How to Enter

Can apply for entry through Game Menu > Instance > Dungeon(Shortcut:Shift+;).
  • Up to 3 players over LV. 30 can enter.
  • Cannot enter on debuff status as during Forcibly Awaiting/Participating in Trial, Prisoner, Equipping pack, etc.
  • Basic entry limit is 2 times, and can enter up to max. 4 times by using Mistsong Grinding Guardian Scroll.

Gameplay Process

Consists of 3 road directions with the same basic structure as that of Free-For-All Arena
Ominous Worldgate that summons Lethy's Elite Guard lies on the road end of each direction.
Players move around the rounded center place of each road, and needs to block Lethy's Elite Guards that come in crowds in each direction with Dimensional Cannon.

How to Start

Banquet Gong appears on the center of Mistsong Border with the starting message. 
Guardian Statue appears when the Banquet Gong rings, and Mistsong Banquet begins.

How to Participate

Mistsong Banquet is Instance Dungeon where players over LV. 30 can participate freely without restriction in Equipment Points and Role.
The 3 participants need to block Lethy's Minions that come in crowds from the Ominous Worldgate by managing each roads.
  • Players each needs to manage installing Dimensional Cannon, collecting resources, and attacking in one's direction.
  • Cannot use most skills due to the influence of Worldgate at Mistsong Border, and needs to block monsters by setting 'Dimensional Cannon' with Crystals created from Dimensional Crevice.
  • Dimensional Crystals are used in change and upgrade of Dimensional Cannon, and Dimensional Crystal or Flame Scale that buffs player's attack temporarily can be received from Crimson Watch's support.
  • Block Lethy's Elite Guards that advance across Round 20 by installing and upgrading Dimensional Cannon along with using player's skill.

■ Infinite Round
Seal to block Lethy's Minions becomes complete after Round 20 ends, but Infinite Round 21 where monsters appear continuously to destroy it begins.
  • Defeat Lethy's Minions category is added on scoreboard on the start of Round 21, and the number of defeat in Round 21 appears as score.
  • Monster appear time on Round 21 gradually shortens.

Main Components

■ Guardian Statue
Built to block invasion of Lethy's Minions at Mistsong Border.
Lethy's Minions come in crowds when Guardian Statue appears knowing its purpose.
  • Has 50 health but only receives 1 damage from all attacks. (Destroys when receiving damage of any form 50 times)
  • Cannot restore its health by any means.

■ Dimensional Crystal
Type of resource used at Mistsong Border.
  • Lumps that can receive 10 Dimensional Crystals are created at starting point of each road direction every time new round begins, and can be gained by interacting.
  • Can also receive from Crimson Watch Supplies, and is created on top of Mistsong Border pillar.
  • Shard that can receive 5 Dimensional Crystals appear by low probability when defeating Lethy's Minions.

■ Supplies
Crimson Watch sends supplies on top of Mistsong Border pillar periodically during Mistsong Banquet.
  • 10 Dimensional Crystals or Flame Scale that boosts player's attack are created along with blue orb effect above Mistsong Border pillar.
  • 2 pillars are set up in each directions across the road, and the location shows through map notice when Supplies are created.

■ Stationary Cannon
9 Stationary Cannons are placed in each road directions.
  • Players can summon Automatic Cannon or Magic Cannon by spending first 10 Dimensional Crystals.

■ Center Stationary Cannon
Added 3 Stationary Cannons where Dimensional Cannon can be installed near Guardian Statue.
  • Added Stationary Cannon can block monsters that attacks Guardian Statue after penetrating Dimensional Cannon defense.
  • Recommended to install and upgrade Dimensional Cannon at Center Stationary Cannon as final defense line if extra Dimensional Crystal is available.

Player Role and Skill Change

■ Player Role
Players needs to create and upgrade Dimensional Cannon by collecting Dimensional Crystal at Mistsong Banquet.
  • Certain amount of Dimensional Crystal is created in start of each round, and can also be created by probability from Crimson Watch Supplies or when defeating monster.
  • Can increase the player's attack by receiving Flame Scale at Mistsong Banquet, and is efficient to block monsters by buffing the player's attack continuously along with Dimensional Cannon defense.

■ Skill Restriction
Players cannot use most skills due to influence of Worldgate at Mistsong Border, and can only use limited skills as shown below.
Partial attack bonus is applied according to weapon feature in hold.
Shortcut Image Skill Effect
1 Shoot Arrow Needs to equip a bow, and attacks monsters far away.
Has high attack speed and long range, but can damage about 70% of melee attack.
2 Melee Attack Attacks monsters near as melee weapon.
Has high attack but needs to get close to the target, and can also be shoved by moving monster while on attack.
3 Flamebolt Causes magic damage and stun effect by low probability to target by throwing flamebolt with some cast time.
Cannot stun targets immune to stun effect.
4 Icebolt Causes a bit of damage and frost effect to target by throwing icebolt with some cast time.
Cannot freeze targets immune to frost effect.
5 Magic Injection Buffs Dimensional Cannon's attack for certain time by injecting magic to activating Dimensional Cannon.
■ Invincibility
Players become invincible status with not being affected by all damage at Mistsong Border.
Does not receive damage from monster's attack nor even by falling from high place.

■ Glider
Can use glider continuously without preparation time at Mistsong Border.
However, most glider skills with damage or disruption effect cannot be used.

Dimensional Cannon Form and Upgrade

■ Dimensional Cannon Rank 1 Formation
Can summon first Automatic Cannon or Magic Cannon at Stationary Cannon location by inputting 10 Dimensional Crystals.
  • Dimensional Cannon Buff Device appears nearby when Dimensional Cannon is created.

■ Dimensional Cannon Buff Device
Can buff attack rank of 
Dimensional Cannon nearby by interacting with Dimensional Cannon Buff Device.

Rank Dimensional Crystal needed
1~6 10
7 30
8 30

■ Dimensional Cannon Rank Upgrade
Can upgrade to Rank 2 Dimensional Cannon by inputting 10 Dimensional Crystals to Automatic Cannon and Magic Cannon.
  • Automatic Cannon: Can upgrade to Rapid Cannon or Shock Cannon
  • Magic CannonCan upgrade to Flame Cannon or Frost Cannon

■ Final Rank Upgrade
Color of Rank 8 Dimensional Cannon Buff Device changes to red, and can upgrade into Final Rank Dimensional Cannon by interacting.
  • Buff Device disappears when Dimensional Cannon is upgraded to Final Rank, but buff effect continues to remain.

■ Dimensional Cannon Change
Can change type of Dimensional Cannon to same rank Dimensional Cannon without inputting Dimensional Crystal.
  • Need to change Dimensional Cannon according to monster's feature as Stun, Frost Immunity, Ranged Damage, Magic Damage Reduction etc. by round.
  • Can mutually change Rank 2 Dimensional Cannon to 'Flame Cannon', 'Frost Cannon', 'Rapid Cannon', 'Shock Cannon', and Rank 3 Flame Cannon to 'Thunder Cannon', 'Laser Cannon', 'Blazing Cannon'.

Dimensional Cannon Type and Feature

Rank Image Name Details
Enhanced Dimensional Cannon Rank 1 Automatic Cannon Basic Ranged Attack Dimensional Cannon that can be summoned from Stationary Cannon.
Causes Ranged Damage to single target up to max. 20m.
Magic Cannon Basic Magic Attack Dimensional Cannon that can be summoned from Stationary Cannon.
Causes Magic Damage to single target up to max. 20m.
Enhanced Dimensional Cannon Rank 2 Rapid Cannon Ranged Attack Dimensional Cannon that can be upgraded from Automatic Cannon.
Causes Ranged Damage with higher speed to single target within max. 20m.
Can inflict high damage to single target.
Shock Cannon
Ranged Attack Dimensional Cannon that can be upgraded from Automatic Cannon.
Attacks targets within max. 15m, and causes AOE Damage to monsters near hit point along with cancelling Dimensional Barrier.
Causes stun effect to damaged monsters by probability.
Essential for blocking monsters with Dimensional Barrier as it periodically cancels the barrier of monsters nearby.
Greatly decreased ranged damage of Shock Cannon.
Flame Cannon Magic Attack Dimensional Cannon that can be upgraded from Magic Cannon.
Cause AOE Damage to several monsters by emitting flame at about 30 degrees range within max. 15m.
Frost Cannon Magic Attack Dimensional Cannon that can be upgraded from Magic Cannon.
Causes magic damage and frost effect that decreases move speed to single target within max. 20m
Greatly decreased magic damage of Frost Cannon.
Enhanced Dimensional Cannon Rank 3 Thunder Cannon Causes ranged damage to target within max. 25m and cancels Dimensional Barrier.
Causes area damage to monsters near hit point, and all targets that received the damage become stun status by probability.
Laser Cannon Final rank Dimensional Cannon that causes magic damage to single target within max. 30m.
Can cause much higher damage to single target as its specialty.
Blazing Cannon Emits ray to damage and slow target within max. 25m.
Direct damage is low, but inflicts damage to all monsters with Magic or Ranged Resistance, and causes damage and slow effect to all players in attack.
Iron Cannon Causes ranged damage and pushes back by shooting multiple iron ammo to certain target within max. 25m.
Can only summon Iron Cannon through Buff Device near center cannon across Guardian Statue.
Needs to upgrade Dimensional Cannon Buff Device to Rank 8 to summon Iron Cannon.

This is [Event] Mistsong Banquet (Part 1).
For further details, please refer to [Event] Mistsong Banquet (Part 2).