[Event] Mistsong Banquet (Part 2)Event

2023-04-13 09:59
This is [Event] Mistsong Banquet (Part 2).
For further details, please refer to [Event] Mistsong Banquet (Part 1).

Monster Feature

Monsters come in crowds when the Round begins.
  • A monster holding various features at the same time may also appear.
  • Needs change in appropriate Dimensional Cannon according to monster feature that appears on next round.
Image Name Details
Dimensional Barrier Monsters with sort of shield put around that blocks influence from another dimension's power.
Shield can only be cancelled by shock effect of Shock Cannon or Thunder Cannon, and does not receive any damage when shield is put around.
Frost Immunity Not effected by frost or slow due to immunity in frost effect
Not effected by Frost Attack effect of Frost Cannon.
Dash Has fast Basic Move Speed.
Receives less damage as it passes between Dimensional Cannon faster than the attack.
Ranged Damage Decrease Inflicted only half of Ranged Attack damage from Dimensional Cannon or player.
Magic Resistance Decreases about 70% of all Magic Attack Damage.
Flame Cannons cannot attack the target.
Crowds Numerous monsters in 1 out of 3 directions appear all at once.
Recommended to block monsters by all players gathering at the direction where the monster crowd comes to fight.
Groups Twice the amount of monsters appear in all directions.
Can counter efficiently by using Dimensional Cannon that causes area damage than direct damage.
BOSS Has far higher health than monsters that appear on other rounds, attackes in various ways when reaching near Guardian Statue.
Can also have various features at the same time.
■ Random Pattern
Added round where monsters with random features appear in all directions.
Needs to change Dimensional Cannon that can counter the type of monster appearing from Ominous Worldgate with the message that shows at the start of the round. 
Monster Dimensional Cannon with resistance Dimensional Cannon needed to change into
Mistfiend Magic Cannon, Flame Cannon, Laser Cannon Automatic Cannon, Rapid Cannon, Thunder Cannon
Yaksa Automatic Cannon, Rapid Cannon, Thunder Cannon Magic Cannon, Flame Cannon, Laser Cannon
Talisman Sentry Lantern Frost Cannon Shock Cannon
Brass Lantern Shock Cannon Frost Cannon

Daily Reward

Can automatically receive reward 1 time daily according to Round stage in progress.
  • Honor Points are given right away, and Labor Recharger is sent to mail.
Rank Reward
Round 10 Begin 400 Honor Points
Round 14 Begin 600 Honor Points
Round 15 Begin Bound Labor Recharger x1
Round 20 Begin 1,000 Honor Points

Stage Reward

Can receive reward from Crimson Watch through mailbox after Mistsong Banquet ends.
  • The reward level differs according to final round stage clear in blocking monsters. 
Round Image Item
1~4 Mistsong Banquet Reward Crate Rank 1
5~8 Mistsong Banquet Reward Crate Rank 2
9~12 Mistsong Banquet Reward Crate Rank 3
13~16 Mistsong Banquet Reward Crate Rank 4
17~19 Mistsong Banquet Reward Crate Rank 5
20 Mistsong Banquet Reward Crate Rank 6

Infinite Round Reward

Can exchange Mistsong Guardian Soulstone with various items from 'Mistsong Gift Exchanger' newly added at Mirage Isle.
  • Can refine soul received at Round 21 to Mistsong Guardian Soulstone before exiting(Shortcut:R).
  • Please take into account that the soul will disappear if Mistsong Guardian Soulstone is not refined when exiting Instance Dungeon.
  • Disappear when Mistsong Banquet season ends.
Image Name Quantity Amount of Mistsong Guardian Soulstone needed to craft
Hiram Awakening Scroll 10 15
Radiant Hiram Awakening Scroll 25 40
Brilliant Hiram Awakening Scroll 50 100
Mistsong Awakening Scroll 1 15
Abyssal Library Awakening Scroll 1 40
Disciple's Awakening Scroll 1 100
Noryette Awakening Scroll 1 50
Luminous Noryette Awakening Scroll 1 150
Hereafter Awakening Scroll 1 150
Pet Accessory Awakening Scroll 1 15
Decrystallization Scroll 1 50
Adventurer's Assorted Savory Sirloin 10 15
Adventurer's Goblet of Honor 10 15