Patch Note April 13, 2023 ( Part. 1 )Update

2023-04-13 10:00

Hello, Heroes of Erenor! 
Please read the details of the patch notes on April 13, 2023 below.


  • Mistsong Banquet Event Dungeon will begin.
 -Can enter through [Instance] - [Dungeons] menu.
 -Can exchange 
'Mistsong Guardian Soulstone' received from arena with various items from 'Mistsong Gift Exchanger' at Mirage Isle.
  • Weekend Burning Event will begin.
 -EXP, Honor Points, Vocation Badges received from Quest completion increase by 2 times during the event period (Fri ~ Sun).
 [Contents - Improvements]
  • Combined ‘Story Quest Infusion’ Rank 1 ~ 3.
 -Adjusted ‘Story Quest Infusion’ by combining them to all be able to use until Hiram Guardian Equipment Awakening, to improve inconvenience in early learning and lack of bag space from distinguishing Story Quest Infusion Rank.
 -Can use already hold ‘Story Quest Infusion’, but cannot receive it anymore. You can receive the new ‘Story Quest Infusion’.
 -Where to obtain is same as before: 
‘Race quest progress’ or ‘Shop purchase’.
  • Adjusted to apply ‘Sea's Protection’ buff on first ‘Kraken’ spawn.
 -We are preparing the raid for participants to divide the troops into two places where 'Kraken' spawns randomly, or to concentrate on one place. However, it will be relatively disadvantageous for factions that put forces on one place if Kraken spawns on the other location.
 -Therefore, ‘Sea's Protection’ buff effect is applied for certain period when the first raid monster is spawned to improve this situation. 
Image Effect Name Details
Sea's Protection Receives -50% of Siege Damage for 5 min.
  • Not given again on return when ‘Sea's Protection’ buff effect is expired.
  • Time remains on return when ‘Sea's Protection’ buff effect is in hold.
  • Improved progress of Weekly Quest at Ipnya Ridge in certain situation. 
 -You needed to enter the single player instance Queen's Altar and receive strong buff from NPC 'Timbo' to proceed with the next quest after the Race quest Erenor Chapter 3. Ipnya Ridge 33 ‘The Voidbreaker’. Thus, we excluded the monsters spawned from the quest target to improve the weekly quest progress in defeating them in the instance.
  • Adjusted spawn time of NPC ‘Warlock Erik'.
 -‘Warlock Erik’ needs to be defeated to proceed with ‘Anthalon's Invasion’ Race quest. However, the NPC's spawn time was quite long, leading many players to become crowded. Thus, we changed its spawn time to improve the quest progress.
205 sec.
After 30 sec.

  • Adjusted area and overpopulation of 'Brown Hedgehog' near Statue of Nui installed at bottom of 'Plains Eye' Mountains in Great Prairie of the West.
  • Changed target range of Spelldance - Dance of Calm from Friendly (exclusing oneself) to Raid Member (exclusing oneself).


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Summoned Powerstone Pet Ellam being cancelled from time to time. 
  • Fixed: Dyed color of Doctor Healgood Costume showing different color.
  • Fixed: Labor only being spent when using certain coinpurse from full bag.
  • Fixed: Item not available currently appearing on auto-complete feature in Auction House Search.
  • Fixed: 'Adventurer Growth' ArchePass not being expired.
  • Fixed: Cancelling Mount Summon not completed normally when moving by Worldgate during the cancel.
  • Fixed: Snare Chain effect of Battlerage - Tiger Strike skill also applied to targets not slowed down.

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