Patch Note April 27, 2023Update

2023-04-27 10:00

Hello, Heroes of Erenor! 
Please read the details of the patch notes on April 27, 2023 below.


  • 'Just Don't Get Hit' event will begin.
 -Can enter by selecting [Instance] - [Arena] - [Just Don't Get Hit].
 -Can exchange coins gained by participating in the event with various items from 'Evader Coin Exchanger' in each faction base.
  • 'Hirnor Global UCC Festival' Winner Artworks Display at Mirage Isle Gallery will begin. 
  • Standardized appearance of skill icon order.

 -We received comments on difficulty in checking other player's occupations as the skill icon order had been set individually, and thus shown differently even within the same occupation. Therefore, we standardized the appearance of skill icon order as shown below.

 -Auramancy > Archery > Shadowplay > Songcraft > Spelldance > Sorcery > Gunslinger > Vitalism > Witchcraft > Malediction > Battlerage > Occultism > Swiftblade > Defense.

  • Adjusted max. stack number of items below.
Item Name Before After
Star Wings 100 1,000
Flaming Pinion 100 1,000
Auroran Synthesis Box, Auroran Synthesis Stone Crate 1 1,000
Max. item stack number will be managed and improved continuously.


  • Restricted using Teleport Book near Gate to the Garden entrance.
  • Added design that can convert/craft with 1 Abyssal Heart of Ayanad Shard.
 -Can craft 1 Abyssal Heart of Ayanad Shard with 5 Abyssal Library Shards and 5 Abyssal Crystals.
  • Adjusted price and cooldown of Flare item.
  • Shortened cooldown of Great Inheritor Chest: 8~12 items.
Before 18 hr.
After 4 hr.
  • Extended Protection Duration after moving through Teleport Book.
 -Protection becomes removed on movement, attack, and end of duration.

Cash Shop

Added Special Products that can be bought with XL Cash. (~2023-05-04 maintenance)

Name Purchase Limit Purchase Method
Splendid Equipment Conversion Bundle 1 per account Marketplace(N) > Main > Special Product
Grand Equipment Conversion Bundle 1 per account
Manastorm Crystal (x200) + (Bonus) Loyalty Token (x500) 1 per account
Bound Labor Recharger (x100) 1 per account
Daily Boost Bundle (x10) 1 per account
Decor Limit Increase 1 per account
ArchePass XP Boost (x6) 3 per account

Added ArcheLife Exclusive products that can be bought with XL Cash. 
(~2023-05-04 maintenance)
Name Purchase Limit Purchase Method
Manastorm Box: Helpful Pets
+ (Bonus) Manastorm Crystal Bundle
3 per account Marketplace(N) > Main > ArcheLife Exclusive

Removed restriction of products below that can be bought with XL Cash.
Name Purchase Limit Purchase Method
Full Kit: Desserted Cottage 1 per account Marketplace(N)>Vocations>Housing
Fairy Equipment Awakening Scroll Marketplace(N)>Vocations>Farmhand 
Wrapped Farmhand Equipment: Gathering
Wrapped Farmhand Equipment: Farming
Wrapped Farmhand Equipment: Logging
Wrapped Farmhand Equipment: Husbandry
6 types of Rattan Furniture Marketplace(N)>Vocations>Furniture
12 types of Greenman Decor
12 types of Yata Decor
5 types of Cabana Furniture
15 types of Yata Rollercoaster Furniture
7 types of Polkadot Tunnel Section

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Distressed effect applied to Luxior, Umbrael appearing at Ipnysh Sanctuary and Black Thorn Prison.
  • Fixed: Damage ground area not disappearing when Aria dies.
  • Fixed: Not able to accept the 'Building Character' quest at Pirate Faction.