[Prior Notice] Partial Discontinuation of ArcheLife ProductsNotice

2023-05-18 10:00
this is ArcheAge.

We would like to inform on the ArcheLife products that will be discontinued for sales after June 1, 2023 maintenance.
Below are the products that will be discontinued.

Type Details
Discontinued Products
  • ArcheLife 365 days - Beanstalk House
  • ArcheLife 180 days - XL Cash Pouch
Changes after Discontinuation
  • Listed products will be deleted from the in-game ArcheLife Purchase after June 1, 2023 maintenance.
  • ArcheLife products purchased before June 1, 2023 maintenance can be used normally.

We hope that this information relieves inconveniences to your gameplay.
We will do our best to provide better service. 
Thank you.