Pre-Announcement of Terms of Service Revision / August 31, 2023 (date applied)Notice

2023-08-24 09:00
Hello, this is ArcheAge.
Please be informed that the 'Terms of Service' will be revised as below to provide a better game environment.

1. Applied Target : ArcheAge Terms of Service
2. Date Applied : August 31 (Thurs.), 2023
3. Revision Details :
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5. Article 28 (Refund) Added 3) Refund may be made when the Company ends the service or terminates the contract with the user according to the following standards.
1. The Company needs to provide the amount after exempting (a higher amount between 30% of balance or USD 8$) the fees that accompany bank activities (‘Refund Fee’) when the user applies for a refund. In this case, only users who hold virtual currency worth over USD 10$ can apply for a refund.
2. The Company needs to refund by the total paid virtual currency standard when the user applies for a refund according to this Article’s Paragraph 1, and the user cannot apply for a partial refund of the paid virtual currency on hold.

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5. Objection and Inquiry
- Please submit the ticket to Customer Support if there are any questions or arguments regards to the revision.

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We will always strive to do our best to give you better service.

Thank you.