Patch Note September 14, 2023 ( Part 1 )Update

2023-09-14 10:00

Hello, Heroes of Erenor! 
Please read the details of the patch notes on September 14, 2023 below.



  • 'Free Skill Change Cost' Event will start. (~2023-09-21 Maintenance)
  • 'Machine Filled Dimensional Crevice' Event will start.
    - You can enter by entering 'Instance' - 'Arena' - 'Machine Filled Dimensional Crevice'.
    - You can exchange the event coins from the 'Machine Dimensional Coin Exchanger' of each faction base received from participation.
  • 'Jake's Equipment Synthesis Cost Discount' Event will start. (~2023-10-12 Maintenance)
    - Synthesis Fairy Jake's synthesis discount: After 2023-09-14 Maintenance ~ 2023-10-12 Maintenance (4 weeks)
    - Socket Lunagem cost 10% discount: After 2023-09-14 Maintenance ~ 2023-09-21 Maintenance (1 week)
    - Equipment Tempering cost 10% discount: After 2023-09-21 Maintenance ~ 2023-10-05 Maintenance (2 weeks)
    - Ipnysh Artifacts upgrade cost discount: After 2023-10-05 Maintenance ~ 2023-10-12 Maintenance (1 week)
      - 1~3 Rank: 20% discount / 4~6 Rank: 15% discount / 7~10 Rank: 10% discount 
[Contents - Improvements]
  • Added Lock Item Position feature in inventory.
    - We received comments on the inconvenience of items used frequently or swapped not being in the desired position on auto-sort which sorts them according to item type. Therefore, we added the lock item position feature inside the bag.
      - The ‘Lock Item Position’ button is added on below of inventory UI, and a related pop-up window appears on button click.
      - The mouse cursor changes into lock item position mode when clicking the pop-up's [Lock / Unlock Item Position] feature, and locks or unlocks when clicking the item along with its frame change.
      - Position locked items can be used for shop sales, destroy, use, upgrade, auction house list, etc. normally.
  • Expanded range of UI size control.
    - Min. 70% to max. 130% UI size control value has been added to be able to play the game with wider adjustments.
    - Furthermore, 80% and 90% applied values have improved to be set exact to remove errors in the developing process.
    - However, please take into consideration that inheritors who set UI size to 80%, 90% previously can see the UI become a bit smaller or shortcut location scattered.
  • Added space where you can set the Optimization Mode shortcut.
    - We received comments on the inconvenience of the optimization mode used frequently at the bottom right HUD being removed after the UI improvement update. Therefore, we added a feature that can set the shortcut key in the mode.
    - There is no shortcut key and you can use it after appointing a new one.
      - Setting location: Options > Key Settings > Misc. > Optimization Mode On/Off
  • Improved Raid Commander Chat.
     - We received comments on the difficulty of distinguishing certain raid chat as commander chat always appears at the center of the screen and overlaps with the quest count message. Therefore, we improved the chat settings as shown below.
       - Raid Commander Chat location has been adjusted to lower than that of the previous.
       - The ‘Display Commander Chat Screen at the Center’ ON/OFF feature has been added.
         - Setting location: Options > Game Settings > Functionality > Display Commander Chat Screen at the Center
     - The background of certain system message has changed to appear more clearly along with the raid commander chat.
  • Adjusted Akasch Invasion Investigation daily quest to be able to share with the raid.
    - We received comments on the difficulty of proceeding with the Akasch Invasion Investigation daily quest due to individual competition. Therefore, we adjusted the same raid to share the progress when interacting with the Sphere and Compass.
    - However, please take into account that you need to be located 25M within the target to interact.
  • Improved Marketplace purchase limit icon.
    - We received comments on the difficulty of distinguishing the same icon with different item purchase limits (per account, character, daily) at the Marketplace. Therefore, we adjusted the colors of the icon to be applied differently for each purchase limit.
      - Purchase limit per account: Green (Remains the current setting)
      - Purchase limit per character: Orange
      - Daily purchase limit per account: Purple
  • Enhanced Freedich Island's Captain Rangora and Rangora the Oathbound rewards.
    - Relic Trade Pack that pirates hid appears on kill. You can receive the reward by delivering a relic trade pack to Diamond Shores Relic Merchant.
    - Ipnya's Blessing is added to the reward.
    - Additional reward is applied to Captain Rangora and Rangora the Oathbound independently.

  • Added 3vs3 team arena 'Noryette Arena'.
[Island of Abundance]
  • Added new dungeon 'Island of Abundance'.
    - Island of Abundance is Vocational Dungeon where combat skills are not required.
  • Added 'Island of Abundance Pass' item needed to enter the Island of Abundance.
    - You can enter the Island of Abundance after getting permission to enter the dungeon by using the pass. 
    - The Pass can be obtained through the new quest that can be proceeded after Daru Transformation.

  • Adjusted balance for skills below.
    - Sorcery
      - Frigid Tracks: Adjusted required skill points to 6.
      - Gods' Whip: As previously required 6 skill points, it has changed with Frigid Tracks' position. Damage decreases by a little.
      - Freezing Arrow: Chain effect's Freeze duration decreases from 14 sec. to 10 sec. when attacking ice damage target.
    - Swiftblade
      - Rending Mastery: Added Debuff duration 30% decrease effect when disabling the left-hand weapon.
      - Primal Strike: Removed disable weapon skill applied to the character and added skill able to immune certain time.
    - Gunslinger
      - Collateral Damage: Improved tooltip description to skill's characteristic and changed max. damage players to 5M and 4 players. (Max. 24 players)
  • Adjusted Nuia Alliance and Haranya Alliance' Siege earnings raid percentage.
    - Raid amount standard of Territory earnings 200k Gold accumulative per 1 player
Defense Territory Number East/West Raid Amount (Gold) Pirate Raid Amount (Gold)
2000 → 3000 3,000
3 1000 → 1600 1,500
2 500 → 800 700
1 0 0
[Abyssal Attack]
  • Reorganized Seaknight buff able to receive after winning Abyssal Attack to buff related to the ship.
    - Before: Ship shelling damage 5% Increase, Certain skill effect 1 rank Increase
    - After: Ship shelling damage 5% Increase, Ship repair speed 30% Increase, Max. underwater breathing 60 sec. Increase, Swim speed 20% Increase, Can use 'Guardian's Cannon Enhancement' skill when steering Small Warship, Medium Warship, and Turtlecraft.
    - Ship Cannon's cooldown decreases by 30% for 30 sec. when using 'Guardian's Cannon Enhancement'.

  • 'Salvaged Ancient Cargo Ship' appears by probability where 'Ancient Cargo Ship's Broken Lifeboat' is located.
  • Adjusted 13 types of Civilian Equipment' sale price to 1 copper.
  • Added 2 types of 'Brilliant Transparent Daru Costume'.
  • Added Daru Costume Awakening feature.
    - You can awaken into 'Brilliant Transparent Daru Costume' by using 1 'Shining Daru Costume Awakening Scroll' and 300 labor points.
  • Added 3 types of 'Shining Daru Costume Awakening Scroll'.
    - You can exchange it with 'Coin of Abundance' from Mirage Isle Coin Collector.
  • Added Bound Daru Serendipity Stone.
    - You can change the synthesis effect for the 'Brilliant Transparent Daru Costume'.
    - You can exchange it with 150 'Coin of Abundance' and 1 'Bound Serendipity Stone' from Mirage Isle Coin Collector.

  • Improved reward for Advanced Fishing able to proceed at Famed Proficiency.
  • Improved UI for distinguishing reward obtained or not after receiving ArchePass reward.
  • Added Description for Options - Character Controls - Weapon Swap.
  • Added icon in front of 'Equipment Points' level to increase information visibility.
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