Patch Note September 14, 2023 ( Part 2 )Update

2023-09-14 10:00

Hello, Heroes of Erenor! 
Please click the following link for patch notes on September 14, 2023 Part. 1 ( Link ).


Cash Shop

Added Special Products that can be bought with XL Cash. (~2023-11-30 23:59:59)
Name Purchase Limit Purchase Method
30-Day Trial Chest - Marketplace(N) > Main > Special Product
Erenor Awakening Scroll
Radiant Erenor Awakening Scroll
Brilliant Erenor Awakening Scroll
Unidentified Eternal Erenor Infusion (x10)
Added Event Products that can be bought for free or with items. (~2023-11-30 23:59:59)
Name Purchase Limit Purchase Method
10k Credits 1 daily per account Marketplace(N) > Main > Event
Ipnysh Sunlight Blessing -
Ipnysh Moonlight Blessing
Ipnysh Starlight Blessing
Blazing Nuri Forest Lumber (x10)
Blazing Sunridge Ingot (x10)
Blazing Wind Spirit Leather (x10)
Blazing Cloudspun Fabric (x10)
Rainbow Polish (x10)
Deeply Colored Oil (x10)
Scented Petal Pigment (x10)
Weapon Regrade Scroll (x10)
Armor Regrade Scroll (x10)
Accessory Regrade Scroll (x10)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Remaining time appearing abnormal when re-entering Noryette Challenge.
  • Fixed: Able to use pet skill summoned outside the Seige area after entering inside.
  • Fixed: ArchePass not expiring normally on the expiration date.
  • Fixed: Marianople Faction Base's ground appearing abnormal.
  • Fixed: The sea appearing abnormal when looking from the Elegant Pure White Marble Mansion.
  • Fixed: Rifle position appearing abnormal when the Rifle Drill emote is used during the Daru Transformation state.
  • Fixed: Falling below land when getting out of the Passenger Seat in certain situations.
  • Fixed: Chat tab being reset from time to time.
  • Fixed: Bloodstain not created when defeating friendly faction in certain 'Aegis Island' area.
  • Fixed: Being stuck on land when entering the Garden of the Gods from time to time.
  • Fixed: Able to pass through certain rocks at Garden of the Gods.
  • Fixed: Stabilizer to not appear when Warborn race wears costumes below.
      - Beach Racer's Swimwear, Kyprosa's Winter Furs, Narayana Warrior's Garb, Battle Fae
  • Fixed: Rhythm combat increasing when hit by the 'Stillness' skill.
  • Fixed: Lighting effect that appears after wearing the ‘Eternal World’ item.
  • Fixed: Abnormal motion appearing on Ensemble while Emote 'Crawl' is used.
  • Fixed: Abnormal image appearing for UCC with transparent background from time to time. 
  • Fixed: Not able to change the building for Fellowship Plaza in a certain position.
  • Fixed: Quest unavailable to accept appearing on Kadum Instance map.
  • Fixed: Placement location of Simple Hardwood Chair inside Mirage Isle exhibition area.
  • Fixed: Casting motion appearing abnormal when a female Warborn character uses Fire Red Dragon's Doom skill.
  • Fixed: Tree growing inside the house of the new Villanelle housing area after construction.
  • Fixed: Reward select message appearing when accepting Hiram Mountains weekly quest from time to time.