Patch Note August 20, 2020 (added 8/20)Update

2020-08-19 20:30

Hello Heroes of Erenor!


Please see below for information regarding the August 20th Patch Note.


[Opening of the Western Hiram Mountains and Brilliant Hiram Guardian Equipment]

Added 'Western Hiram Mountains', a new region in Auroria.
- Can enter the 'Western Hiram Mountains' via the road north of Reedwind.

Added 30 new monsters in Western Hiram Mountains.
- You can obtain 'Ancestor's Coinpurse' and 'Ancestral Crate' from these monsters.

Added Brilliant Hiram Guardian Equipment, which is the next tier of Radiant Hiram Guardian Equipment.
- You can get it from awakening Radiant Hiram Guardian Equipment.
- You can get 'Mysterious Infusion', an item that will give you Hiram Infusion, and
  'Radiant Hiram Awakening Scroll' to awaken Radiant Hiram Guardian Equipment from monsters in Hiram Mountain.
  'Mysterious Infusion' and 'Radiant Hiram Awakening Scroll' can be obtained from Daily Quests in Western Hiram Mountain.
- Added 'Radiant Runescribe Quill'.
  Use 100 'Radiant Hiram Awakening Scrolls' to create a 'Blessed Hiram Awakening Scroll'. 


[New Equipment That Can Be Made]

- Now you can make Ayanad Equipment and Erenor Equipment.




[New Accessible Region]

Opening a new region in Auroria.
You can defeat new monsters that match your Ancestral level in each region, and do Daily Quests in the following regions:
- Whalesong Harbor
- Aegis Island




[Naval Arena: Stillwater Gulf Musiman]

Added 'Stillwater Gulf', a new Seasonal Arena.
- Now you can access 'Stillwater Gulf' from Instance (Shift-;)> [Arena]
- You can access this seasonal Arena until 17 September 2020.

This arena can contain up to 50 players.
- The longer you last, the higher your ranking, and you can receive the Kyrios Badge as a reward.




Now you can enter a new dungeon.
- Abyssal Library (3 floors)
  You can access it via the Diamond Shores Library Entrance or Instance (Shift-;)> [Dungeon]



Added Disciple's Workbench.
- Workbench that can create Abyssal Library items.
- Located on Diamond Shores Ayanad Library.
- Issue that "Abyssal Library Awakening Scroll" is not listed in "Disciple's Workbench" (added 8/20)
  : It will be fixed on next scheduled maintenance.

As a result of Golden Plains, there are some images that overlapped, and will be corrected later. (added 8/20)

Issue that item description of "Wrapped 28-Day Hiram Awakening Scroll" is displaying wrongly. (added 8/20)
  : Normal settings follow the product and item name of "Hiram Awakening Scroll".