[October 8 Maintenance Update Summary]Update

2020-10-08 11:00

Hello Heroes of Erenor!

Please be informed that the cash shop has been updated:

Monthly Special Pack for October. Celebrate Thanksgiving with discounts on some products

- Manastorm Crystal (x100)
- Wrapped 28-Day Mysterious Hiram Infusion (Discount)
- Wrapped 28-Day Hiram Awakening Scroll (Discount)
- Wrapped 28-Day Radiant Hiram Awakening Scroll (Discount)

※ Monthly special products can be purchased once per account per month, and renewed during regular maintenance in the first week of each month, allowing to be purchased again.
※ Quest scroll items are fixed-term items that allow you to perform specified daily quests and obtain specific rewards (Quest can proceed once a day for 28 days)
※ Only characters above level 50 can use the item.
※ Get a bonus item Decrystallization scroll x3 for the purchase of a Wrapped 28-Day Radiant Hiram Awakening Scroll.


Added Items that can be purchased with Divine Keys in the Divine Key timer event

- Any-Post Parrot (once per account)
- Manastorm Crystal (x100) (once per account)
- Decrystallization Scroll (3 per account)
- Stuffed Plushie Chest
- Labor Recharger Pack (5 per account)
- Improved Infussion Supply Kit (x2) (once per account per day)

※ You can buy it at Cash Shop> Coin only > Divine Key

Available during the Divine Key Timer event period, until November 5, 2020

Special Discounts for ArcheLife products for the Thanksgiving in October.

- Archelife 90 days - Special discount (once per account)

※ This product can be purchased once per account.
※ This product can be purchased from the in-game premium (premium icon at the bottom right) menu.
※ The Archelife voucher included in the package will be used immediately after purchase, and please refer to the webpage for the Archelife benefits. [Link]

Available until November 20, 2020