[Event] Briquette Delivery Event

2020-11-05 11:00

Briquette Delivery Event



 Event Name

Briquette Delivery Event

Event Period

5 November 2020 11:00AM UTC+8 - 7 January 2021 6:00AM UTC+8 [8 weeks]


Event Details

How to Join:

Step 1:
Talk with NPC 'Lovely Nutcracker Costume' in Austera, Marianople, Diamond Shores and receive 'Order Receipt'

Step 2:
Use 1
'Order Receipt' at Supply Bundle Exchanger to receive 'Delivery Order'

Step 3:
'Delivery Order' to receive quest and 'Delivery with Heart'(Trade Pack).

Step 4:
Deliver trade pack and talk to Community Center NPC to complete today delivery and receive reward

Reward for completing the daily quest
- Heartfelt Gift
> It is a reward for the warm heart of sharing love. Use 100 Labor and receive below item
> Manastorm Crystal x10 ~ 20 (Binds upon pick-up)
> Hot Coffee (Expiration Time: 1 week after the event ends, including Rejuvenating Potions)
> Fruit of Effort x1 (Binds upon pick-up)

Added New Item in Divine Key Products during the Event Period
- Added a new Item 'Nutcracker Costume' as a special item that can be purchased in Cash Shop>Coin Only> Divine Key during the event period 


1. Event quest is applicable to character level 30 or higher
2. Reset event quest everyday on 00:00
3. Cannot receive again if you destroy the 'Order Receipt' and 'Delivery Order'
4. NPC, Deliver Quest, Order Receipt, Delivery Order, Supply Bundle Exchanger will be gone after MA on 7 Jan 2021(Thu)
5. Can use Hot Coffee until 14 Jan 2021(Thu)
6. Cannot put trade pack down, destroy when complete or abandon the quest, character death or receive for 24 hours
7. If lost the trade pack, you can receive again at same spot that you receive it
8. Cannot recover all Event Items if deleted.