[Event] Burning EventEvent

2020-11-19 11:00

Burning Event


 Event Period: 19 November 2020 After Scheduled Maintenance ~ 3 Dec 2020 (2Weeks)


Event Detail
- Apply for all server
- Mon, Wed, Fri: Honor Point(Quest) increase x1.5 / Tue, Thu, Sat: Vocation Badge increase x1.5 
- Sun: Honor(Quest), Vocation Badge increase x2 

- Burning is automatically applied to all servers at the indicated time during the event period. Please check the guidance message in the center of the game screen when the event starts.
- The Honor Point bonus applies only to quests that earn honor points upon completion.
- Everyday 23:58 ~ 00:02 the double Honor Point effect may not be applied normally, so please be careful when obtaining rewards.