[Event New Race Update Dwarf and Warborn Level Acheivement Event (added 11/19)Event

2020-11-19 11:00


New Race Update Dwarf & Warborn Level Achievement Event


Event Period

19 November 2020 11:00AM UTC+8 - 3 December 2020 6:00AM UTC+8


Event Details

Free gift event to commemorate new races

- Everyone can receive gift once per account

- Coupon: 1119-ARCH-ENEW-RACES
Item: Angel Wing Elixir x1

     Once per account only 
     Can be registered until December 17, Can be used 30 days after registration 
- How to Redeem: (Link)

2. New Race Dwarf & Warborn Achievement event
Create new races Dwarf or Warborn and achieve Level 55, Ancestral 7 in event period to receive the reward

Mission Details Reward
Mission 1 New Races Dwarf or Warborn achieve Level 55
Daily Pump-Up x5

ArcheBlessing 7Days

Manastorm Crystal x200
Mission 2 New Races Dwaft or Warborn achieve Ancestral 7 
ArcheLife Ticket (7 Days)

Image Item: Winter Yata Costume
- Complete Mssion 2 to receive all reward from Mission 1 +mission 2
- Reward Items will send as coupon after end of event on 4 Dec 2020
- How to Redeem: (Link)

3. Special LP Coin Giveaway Event 
Be one of the first 1,000 players who reached Lvl. 55 with Dwarf or Warborn before the event ends and Receive 5 LP Coin(5 USD) worth 5,000 XL Cash!
(The cut-off will be based on the time you reach Lvl. 55)

-  How to Join

  ▶ Step1: Agree on providing us your Character name, Server Name and Country code for the reward distribution [Form].

  ▶ Step2: Reach Level 55 with Dwarf or Warborn before the event ends.


-  Rewards Distribution: This day you can check if you are one of the winners.
9th of December 2020: 5 LP Coin(5 USD) worth 5,000 XL Cash will be sent to Event winners’ LINE POD Account

-  Note:
  ▶ You won’t be receiving the winners rewards even if you reach level 55 with Dwarf or Warborn, if you 
(1) were not the first 1,000 players or (2) did not agree on providing your private information via the link above before the event ends.



- These Events are hosted by LINE Corporation and XLGAMES.

- Only accounts registered through LINE POD are included in the Event target, and compensation cannot be paid if the account does not exist at the time of compensation payment.

- Only characters created as new race Dwarf or Warborn are included in the level achievement Event target.

- You can only participate in the Event once per account, and even if you achieve the target level by creating multiple characters, the reward is only paid once. (Up to 5,000 XL Cash worth LINE POD Coins)

- LINE POD coins paid as Events are exclusive coins for LINE POD and are paid according to LINE POD’s internal procedures.

- LINE POD coins paid as Events are not refunded or returned.

- Unable to join the Event and action may be taken according to the policy in the Event of detection of an act that violates the Operational Policy.

- Everything related to the Event is subject to change.